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WeChat marketing has been making waves in China for some time now. Ten great tips from experts in the field of Wechat Marketing will show you how to get started with one of the most popular platforms in the country. From understanding WeChat’s social etiquette to simple strategies, this blog post will cover it all. Appreciate WeChat’s social etiquette. The most common one is that people lie on the app more than you would think. It is all too easy for people to create social accounts in order to search for dates, look for jobs, or even just make friends. It makes it hard to truly trust anyone who initially meets you on the app. It can be a problem especially if it’s someone you’re spending time with. Socialwick can help you to market different types of social growth to develop your business.

10 great Wechat Marketing tips – Marketing China

With more than 600 million internet users, Wechat has become more than a simple platform for instant messaging and mobile service. More and more companies now use WeChat to promote their brand.


Using social media has become necessary, in order to compete in the Chinese market. Firstly, here are a few pieces of adviceto help you to understand social media:

As with any marketing campaign, you have to consider your strategy as soon as you send it out. When you create your account, you have to choose between two options: a subscription WeChat public account and a service WeChat public account

This first choice is crucial; you will not be able to change it later. The only option which is possible if you make a mistake, is to create a new account for your brand and start the process all over again in order to gather your community and attract followers.


Subscription account


Service account

Numbre of articles

1 per day

4 per month


grouped with other subscrition account

more visible with other friends messages


can be individual or company

companies only

menu interface

only for verified accounts

all account

Push Notifications


yes -after verification



yes -after verification

voice recognition


yes -after verification

QR code Multiples


yes -after verification

collect users data


yes -after verification



yes-with separate application


If WeChat is used by half of China’s population, your brand is not followed by everyone who lives in China. Here are some indispensable tips to help create a community, build a strong relationship with your followers and finally, help your brand to increase its value.


China is a country with so many cons and such fraudulent behavior that Chinese people are becoming much more demanding and suspicious.

Checking your account each day, showing your followersthat you are online, would allow you to engage with your target market.

The Chinese consumers who are surfing on Chinese social media will be more trustful if your account is organised clearly, and if your brand is active. This process is time-consuming but essential in order to increase your brand awareness and brand loyalty.

2- Interact with your followers .

Interacting on social media shows that brands want to invest time and effort for their customers, and this can go a long way to build trust and loyalty in a brand. If a brand is not active, if it always publishes the same types of articles, if it doesn’t take account of its fans, it will appear as a brand which is not concerned with its products, nor its clients, therefore reducing the chance of customers becoming enamoured with the brand name.

Guess it : Why would you follow this brand on social media, even buying its products or just talking about it if it doesn’t care about you, the customer?

The best way to solve this is still to interact regularly with followers, to create conversation and incite debate, to allow customers to participate actively on the Wechatbrand account. You will have to propose some activities, simple questions, competitions, games…

You are there to inspire your audience and buildyour brands’ reputation.

How to build a relationship with customers ?

If your brand has a voice, it has to be heard on social networks.

If your followers are asking questions, you need to answer them!

If you are developing a competition or an event and your followers need more information about rules or anything else, then answer them!

You are one brand amongst others, and in front of you are more than 600 million internet users. They all want to feel unique, special, and respected members of a community. This is the Key.

Just reply to their queries, listen to them, interact with them and you will be able to build sustainable and high quality relationships. This is the basis of a loyalty program.


Discussing the suitability of content posted could be redundant advice; however it could actually be more important than it seems at first glance. Solution: Youshould target your customers’personal interests.

When you fully understand their interests and motivations, it will be easier for you todevelop a batch of content which will really resonate with them. This will allow you to push them intoaction. Some sensitive topics need more attention and care when writing. But you need to be certain your work is of the best quality before posting it, in order to reap the benefits.


Updating marketing tools so that they remain attractive and aesthetic visually: There needs to be harmony of colors, incorporating both bright and dark colours and a clear,interactive presentation.Your Wechat account represents your brand, and it must attract attention. If you do not work on it, your customers will move on, without any regret.

In a country where mobile usage is exploding, Wechat is becoming a giant and hugely influential brand in the hunt to maximize your company’s potential, with an increase of internet users.WeChat seems to be the most powerful marketing tool to try to reach a predominantly Chinese audience.

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