12 Backyard Items Every Dog Owner Needs

Dogs are the best. They bring joy wherever they go. Their playful energy and loving cuddles are enough to elevate even the dreariest of moods. If you have a canine companion, you want to make sure they can live their very best life every day. 

If there is one thing dogs love, it’s enjoying the great outdoors. Let them go outside whenever they want with a mesh screen door with magnets or get in some playtime with a Chuck-it ball launcher. They love to run circles in the backyard, and you love when they expel some of that excess energy. 

These 12 essential items can turn your backyard into your pup’s outdoor oasis – and make your life a little bit easier. 

  1. Fence 

Install a fence, so your dog can run around in your yard without their leash. Have a puppy party and invite their best friends over for a play date. If you live in a remote area and can’t afford to fence your entire property, an invisible fence can give your dog the freedom to play at a fraction of the cost.   

  • Mesh Screen Door with Magnets 

Let your dog let themselves out whenever they like with a mesh screen door with magnets. Unlike traditional screen doors, mesh screen doors with magnets are hands-free. You won’t have to worry about them leaving the door open and letting in gnats and mosquitoes. The mesh screen door with magnets easily seals again behind them. 

  • Playpen 

Smaller dogs and puppies may prefer to play outside in a more controlled environment. Playpens are a great option if you can’t afford to fence in your yard but live in a city where an invisible fence may not be feasible. Pick a playpen that folds up compactly so you can bring it to parks or the beach and give your pup their own area to explore. 

  • Doggie Pool 

Let your dogs cool themselves on hot summer days by adding a water feature to your backyard. They’ll love splashing around in the water. Plus, it can double as a dog bath, and you won’t end up with such a colossal mess in your bathroom when they shake themselves dry. 

  • Pet Waste System 

One of the best parts about having a yard is sending your dog outside to do their business. However, you want to ensure you have a pet waste system to keep surprises out of your yard. Keep a garbage can outside that you use specifically for pet waste. Choose a model with a tight seal to prevent odors. Have pet waste bags handy for quick cleanup. 

  • Chuck-It Ball Launcher  

Play catch with your pup all afternoon without throwing your arm out. The ball launcher helps you throw a tennis ball much farther, meaning your pet can run farther and faster to bring it back to you. 

  • Cozy Bed 

Even if your pet has a ridiculous amount of energy, eventually, they will want to lie down and catch their breath. Have an outdoor dog bed on your patio or deck so they can snuggle up next to you and enjoy the fresh air. Choose weather-resistant material that’s easy to keep clean. 

  • Shade

If your dog spends a lot of time outside, you’ll want to give him a place to escape the hot sun. Trees and bushes can create shade, but you may need to get creative if you have a large yard. You could choose a shaded dog bed or playpen. Hanging some shade sails can also provide shade to a larger section of your yard and give you and your pet relief on hot days. 

  • Kong Flying Disk 

Some dogs love to jump up and catch flying frisbees, but the hard plastic can hurt their teeth and jaws. The Kong Classic Flying Dog Toy can fly as fast and far as a frisbee but is made with a softer flexible plastic. It will last much longer than a frisbee once it meets those sharp canines.
1. Paw Protection Cream 

Playing outside can cause your dog’s soft paws to dry out and crack. Protect your pup’s paws from hot pavement, snow, and sand with paw protection cream. Its non-toxic formula will help lubricate their paws and is 100% safe to use. 
2. Rope Toys 

Tug is a beloved game of many dogs! If your dog doesn’t have a puppy friend to play with their rope toys, try attaching a long rope tug to a tree to let them pull and play on. Now, they can play without constantly asking you for attention. Ensure that they can reach the rope while they still have their paws on the ground to prevent injury. 
3. Grooming Supplies 

Your dog will probably get messy playing outside in the backyard. Have some pet wipes on hand to give their feet and fur a quick cleanse before returning to the house. During tick season, brush them out and check for any signs of bugs after they roll around in the grass. 

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