8 Qualitative Research Ideas That Will Make Your Professor Think You’re A Genius

Qualitative research ideas are a technique that works very well to investigate a particular research problem. In this research technique, you must explore the reason behind any happening. Also, you have to address the 5Ws and 1 H of research. The 5 Ws include who, what, where, when and why. Similarly, 1H discusses how. In research, you can use this 5W1H to get insights into a particular process or problem of research. Qualitative research provides you with a better understanding with first-hand experience of a problem. Most of the fresh researchers try to go for quantitative research because it does not require much expertise.

In contrast, qualitative research needs a high focus with critical evaluation on every step. In qualitative research, the topic of the discussion gets great attention. Therefore, this article aims to discuss qualitative research ideas in detail.

What is the Role of a Topic in Qualitative Research?

The main aim of qualitative research is to help readers know about many hidden aspects of a problem. That is why the topic of qualitative research matters a lot. The topic is something that gives your research a purpose. In research, you must follow a particular path with different milestones. In each milestone, you have to recall your research topic and find the best suitable way to conduct that. In simple words, every step of research is dependent on the main topic.

What Are 8 Genius Qualitative Research Ideas?

As a research student, you can have so many choices for ideas. Each idea leads you in a particular direction. In this era of technology, every reader wants to know about something new in the field of research. So, you have to be very careful about the area of investigation. If you are worried about a qualitative research idea, this article can help you very well. I have 8 amazing research ideas that can help you have a good image in front of your professor. Before having a discussion on these ideas, you need to understand the importance of interest. You should not select any random topic, but it must have your interest. By having an interest in a genius idea, you can absolutely ace the milestone. So, experts of the best dissertation writing services have shared the following 8 qualitative research ideas that can present you as a genius:

How Low Socio-Economic Background Impacts Self-Esteem

The study on finding the relationship between socio-economic background and self-esteem can be an amazing topic to discuss. You can learn about many facts by taking this topic in the right direction. This topic can also work as one of the hot topics of the century. In this century, every single person is worried about his or her socio-economic status. So, it can work as one of the best qualitative research ideas.

Analyse the Effects of Stress on Human Behaviour

Stress is getting high worth in society. Many researchers are working on such qualitative research ideas. By working on this research topic, you can investigate the effects of stress on the human body. Furthermore, you can relate it with human behaviour. You can address the human body’s effects, including headaches, chest pain and high fatigue. Also, the severe effect can be in the form of muscular tension that can create contraction of the spinal cord. In such situations, the effects of mood can be seen in the form of restlessness and a high level of anxiety that can reduce the capability of performance.

Evaluate the Depression Management Among School-Going Children

In the past, depression used to be observed in senior citizens. Now, it is getting common among school students. So, this topic can work well as other qualitative research ideas. You should conduct a one-on-one interview with school students in this research study. It is better not to interrupt the responder and get the best out of him.

Explore the Multiple Levels of Transformational Leadership

The study of transformational leadership cannot help you get the attention of a reader or professor. On the other hand, discussion on a particular aspect can benefit you. For example, you can aim to explore the multiple levels of transformational leadership. You can target four main levels; idealised influence and individualised consideration. Besides, the level of inspirational motivation and intellectual stimulation can give you the best results.

Evaluate the Relationship Between Machine Learning and Physical Sciences

Physical sciences include different science branches where you can study the inorganic world. You can target all branches or a particular one. After that, you have to study the relationship between machine learning and a particular field of physical sciences. In such qualitative research ideas, the targeted sample size plays an important role.

Access the Expert Systems of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a technical field of study. In this technical field, you can come up with so many qualitative research ideas. One of the best ideas is to access its expert systems. You can direct the research study of fuzzy, neural or frame-based expert systems of artificial intelligence.

Investigate the Supply Chain Resilience in Block Chain Technology

The qualitative research ideas about block chain can help you impress your professor. The idea to discuss the involvement of supply chain management can hit the audience. Selecting the right research technique can give you insights into cost-effective deliveries.

Analyse the Molecular Control in Aging Brains

The discussion on aging brains can help you ace the milestone in research. Aging brains refer to the shrinkage of the brain concerning age. So, you can have new discoveries by in-depth analysis of the research problem. You can have a detailed and technical analysis of verbal and non-verbal data.

Final Thoughts

All the above-mentioned qualitative research ideas can work as a great topic for research. Find your area of interest and explore the best for having astonishing results. You can also find some innovative ideas. Try to collect first-hand data for more precise and reliable results of research. Without biasness, you can uncover many findings of qualitative research.

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