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8 Things To Understand About COVID-19 Antibody Testing

The increase In demand for covid antibody tests in North Hills is because many people are now getting vaccines for covid-19 worldwide. Usually, you are supposed to get antibody testing once you have recovered from Covid. But things have changed now, and most people want to get the testing before being vaccinated. Everyone typically has this temptation to tell whether or not their vaccine has worked. Others want to get the testing for covid antibody test in North Hills once they have been vaccinated to determine if it is effective over this virus. Keep reading this article to learn more on this topic.

Things To Know About Antibody Testing

What is Antibody Testing, and How is It Different from Diagnostic Testing Used to Determine If You Have Covid?

To tell if you have covid, you must get a polymerase chain reaction test. The test helps detect the virus’s presence in your saliva or mucus. Antibody tenting, on the other hand, is conducted to determine if you previously had the virus and now have recovered and are developing antibodies. Most people opt for antibody testing after they have had the vaccine for covid. The main aim of getting the covid antibody test in North Hills is to analyze the two proteins found in your immune system during an infection. These proteins typically are IgM and IgG. Typically, they help to create protective immunity for a person. According to research, antibodies usually develop seven to 11 days after you have been infected.

How the Tests are Conducted

Typically, the genetic material for covid is determined using particular probes during molecular testing. Rather than detecting one viral gene, the tests are further developed by detecting several genes. When performing molecular testing, the doctor will collect the samples using the throat or nasal swabs. Also, other molecular tests help see saliva samples that you will be asked to spit into the tube.

The Benefits of Antibody Testing

These tests have several benefits, and these are;

  • They can detect previous infections
  • Cheap tests
  • There is no need for the doctor’s prescription
  • You can use it for mass screening
  • The blood test is simple.’
  • You can donate plasma if you have been infected and have now developed antibodies.

When These Tests are Conducted and Why They are Essential

These tests are also called serology. They are conducted once you have recovered from covid. The eligibility of these tests will be determined by different tests performed. During these tests, the doctor will start by collecting blood from your arm, through the vein, or they will prick your finger.

Your blood will then be tested to help determine if you have antibodies against the coronavirus. Antibodies typically are proteins produced by your immune system. They are essential components that allow you to fight covid.

Suppose the tests show that you have antibodies; this means that you had been previously affected by covid. It might also mean that you developed antibodies from the covid-19 vaccine you received. Antibodies in your system will not prevent you from contracting the virus.

You might still get covid, but the antibodies will help you fight it again. Research is yet to determine how long these antibodies last in your body and the amounts produced. Also, their accuracy will often be determined by the type of the test and the timing. You will need several antibody tests at least two to three weeks after the infections to get accurate results. These tests cannot detect the presence of antibodies if you choose to perform them early in the time of infection.

How Long the Tests Take to Generate Results

Unlike other clinics, tests take a few days to get results. The outcome of these tests is available in 10 minutes. However, you will need to wait for at least 1 to five days. The lab load will help tell how long the covid antibody test is in North Hills. However, our RT-PCR swab tests are primarily available on the same day. The tests, however, are not intended to tell whether or not you have covid.

How Accurate are These Tests Currently?

People are still wondering how accurate are antibody tests. Most companies are now trying to market their tests, and some are even making false claims that the FDA might be required to take action. You need to note that just because someone says the antibody test doe not mean you can trust that these tests can offer the right outcome. But at North Hills, we have antibody tests from the most extensive and more established diagnostic equipment suppliers. Therefore, you can opt for the best results.

Who Should Get Antibody Testing?

At North Hills clinic, these tests help reveal if you previously had covid and developed immunity. If you want to determine if you have antibodies, discuss your needs with your doctor. Also, ask any questions on these tests before you opt for them. In a North Hills clinic, the antibody lab tests require orders from the physicians, so now you know who to approach for these tests.

Why It Is Essential Not to Assume You Have Immunity When You Have Tested Positive for Covid

There is a huge difference when you tell someone you have immunity and might have an exemption. This is a critical distinction that you are required to make. Therefore, to determine if you have immunity, take an antibody test.


The antibody test in North Hills clinic is accurate and always essential. The covid rapid antibody tests can tell if you were infected with the virus but do not tell how strong they are. If you recovered from covid, make sure to take these tests. Contact our primary care provider if you need to take these tests. If you have questions regarding North Hills urgent care services, do not hesitate to contact us.

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