A Guide to Umrah Packages From the Uk- Everything You Need to Know

Umrah is recently on halt as tickets for Haj are being taken care of. Nonetheless, the pilgrims who want to attend Umrah soon after Haj must make themselves aware of Umrah packages including flights. The sooner one collects information, the better decisions one will be able to take. Here are a few things about Umrah packages than can help you on this journey. 

Decide when you would go for the Umrah

Umrah is also referred to as ‘Mini Haj’. It can be performed during any time of the year. Ramdhan being a sacred month, is the preferred time. However, packages throughout the year are available. If you are making a plan to go for Umrah, then you should know about the vacations you will apply for from your workplace. Having decided on your time frame for Umrah, the next thing is to start surveying and researching good packages. 

What do Umrah Packages Include?

A typical Umrah Package includes Airfare, Visa processing, Residence in Saudi, Stay, and travelling within the Holy Cities. Usually, laundry is not part of the Umrah packages. Food and other necessities are provided. Guidance regarding the performance of Umrah, the Sunnahs, and the importance of various historical sites in Makah and Medina are included. 

Besides, you can customize any part of the Umrah package or customize the whole Umrah Package as well. However, customization will be expensive. 

The Umrah Packages are normally planned for 7-14 days. The ibadah in itself is a very short one. It takes four to six hours to perform an Umrah. But since people have made such long journeys, they would wish to stay longer and learn about the important sites as well. 

The Different Categories of the Umrah Package 

Umrah packages are budget-friendly. Based on your affordability, you can find suitable Umrah Packages. 

The various categories include

Budget Umrah Package 

This package will cost you the least amount of money. Accordingly, the facilities will be limited as well. You will reside far from the Holy Makkah. You will have to walk from your room to the Mosque. Moreover, the budget Umrah packages may not facilitate transportation within Saudi. Young people with limited resources can apply for these packages because they have the strength and stamina to walk for longer distances. 

The Group Umrah Deals 

These are group deals. One whole group will be organized, which will be led by the agents. You will be provided with 24/7 guidance from your leaders. There will be something striking about your apparel that will set you apart from other pilgrims. This would distinguish your group, and the chances of you being lost are reduced. These packages also include the mentioned facilities. You will share rooms and suites with your team members. This way, you can build up a new acquaintance as well. 

Special or Luxury Group Umrah Deals 

These ideas resemble the former ones. But the more money you are willing to spend, the more comfortable you will be provided with. These packages secure a close building to the Holy Mosque. This means you can come and go conveniently. Moreover, these packages will provide you with a knowledgeable guide who will lead you on different excursions. You and the people with you will be taken to every important site which has any significance in the life of Sahaba and Prophets, particularly Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H). The hotels where you will be staying are grand. You do not have to worry about food or transport at all. 

Luxury Umrah Deals 

These deals are the most expensive ones. They are arranged for high-profile pilgrims. One can customize the package as per their wishes while still travelling with a group. The Airport clearance and the rest of the official processes are done quickly due to the status of your Umrah package. You would not have to wait at the terminals for hours as your bags and passports are being verified. All the processes happen rather quickly. 

What should you ensure? 

It is mandatory to go through the survey process. IF you are someone who wants to go for Umrah, make sure that you are going with the right travel agency. Many scams do happen as companies take money from the passengers and do not take them on this holy journey. Go with agencies that have been reviewed, especially by someone who you already know. 

Secondly, one must provide accurate medical reports to the travelling agency and get permission to carry specific medicines. 

Concluding on the Importance of Umrah packages

Umrah packages make the overall journey much easier. One always has people to rely on. Travelling to another land can be stressful. But being under the supervision of travelling agents helps you relax a little. The paperwork and the errands of the Airport also become easier. One can focus more on their supplications and acts of worship. The travelling agents are more familiar with the region as well as with the Sunnahs. Thus, one can benefit from their knowledge and seek guidance regarding the right ways of performing Umrah. 

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