A Look at the Biggest Colors Trends of 2022

The biggest color trends of 2022 are rooted in optimism, warmth, growth and excitement as we head into the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Color authorities and trend forecasters like Pantone, WSGN and Etsy have released their color predictions for the year, many of which are bright hues that give a jolt of energy during the bleakness of the pandemic.

Pantone revealed in December that Very Peri, a blue-purple hue, is its color of 2022. The shade is described as a “warm and friendly blue hue with a carefree confidence and joyful attitude.” Very Peri is just one shade of blue Pantone predicts will be big in 2022. It’s also anticipating Spun Sugar (a pastel blue), Glacier Lake (a powdery blue), Skydiver (a bright blue) and Harbor Blue (a dark blue-green) will resonate with many this year.

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Like previous years, many of the colors of 2022 are again rooted in nature. Pantone’s Daffodil, for one, a bright yellow color, is said to reflect the “spontaneity of a spring garden.” Pantone’s Perfectly Pale, a beige hue, also references a warm beach. Etsy’s color of 2022, Emerald Green, reflects nature by representing harmony, growth and refinement.

Here, WWD breaks down all the biggest color trends of 2022. Click through the above gallery to see photos of celebrities and street-style stars wearing the colors and read on for more.

Pantone’s Color of the Year 2022: Very Peri
The blue-purple hue is describe as trends “blend the faithfulness and constancy of blue with the energy and excitement of red.” 

WGSN Color of the Year 2022: Orchid Flower
The saturate magenta color is suppose to reflect a sense of positivity and escapism through its bright nature.

Etsy Color of the Year 2022: Emerald Green
Emerald Green is say to reflect harmony, growth, royalty and refinement. 

Pantone Spring 2022 Color: Spun Sugar
The pastel blue color is mean to evoke a fresh breath of air.

Pantone Spring 2022 Color: Gossamer Pink
The powdery pink shade is mean to more sophisticated than childlike and have a light and tender touch.

Pantone Spring 2022 Color: Innuendo

Pantone Spring 2022 Color: Skydiver
Another blue shade as part of Pantone’s 2022 color prediction, Skydiver is mean to bright and more alluring than other tranquil blue shades.

Pantone Spring 2022 Color: Daffodil
The bright yellow color reflects the “spontaneity of a spring garden.”

Pantone Spring 2022 Color: Glacier Lake
A powdery blue hue, trends Glacier Lake is calm and cooling and references the arctic.

Pantone Spring 2022 Color: Harbor Blue
The blue-green color is mean to reflect “long for a safe space.”

Pantone Spring 2022 Color: Coca Mocha
A rich brown hue, Coca Mocha reflects the warmth of a cup of coffee or hot cocoa.

Pantone Spring 2022 Color: Dahlia
Dahlia is a bright purple color that’s meant to be dare and dynamic.

Pantone Spring 2022 Color: Poinciana
Billed as a “heat” red, Poinciana is mean to make a bold statement.

Pantone Spring 2022 Color: Snow White
Snow White is describe as “clean and pure white,” which reflect a desire for simplicity and inner peace.

Pantone Spring 2022 Color: Perfectly Pale
A sandy beige hue, Perfectly Pale reflects soothing comfort and the warmth of an inviting beach.

Pantone Spring 2022 Color: Basil
Like the herb, Basil is suppose to represent wellness and health.

Pantone Spring 2022 Color: Northern Droplet
The gray color is mean to instill a feel of tranquility.

Pantone Spring 2022 Color: Poppy Seed
A deep gray, Poppy Seed is a timeless color that evokes familiarity.

Pantone Fall 2022 Color: Lava Falls
Lava Falls is an orange-red hue describe as having a “captivatE presence.”

Pantone Fall 2022 Color: Samoan Sun
The golden yellow hue is saY to enlighten and illuminate.

Pantone Fall 2022 Color: Orange Tiger
The neon orange color is describ as havE a whimsical quality.

Pantone Fall 2022 Color: Rose Violet

Pantone Fall 2022 Color: Amazon
An emerald color, Amazon is describE as lush and fertile.

Pantone Fall 2022 Color: Nosegay
A soft pink, Nosegay is saY to “envelope the sense.”

Pantone Fall 2022 Color: Watersprout
The bright teal color is mean to cool and refresh.

Pantone Fall 2022 Color: Caramel Café
Caramel Café is a warm brown hue that’s suppose to “tastefully tempt.”

Pantone Fall 2022 Color: Midnight
The deep blue color evokes the evening sky.

Pantone Fall 2022 Color: Martini Olive
Martini Olive is describe as a “fruit-inspire green tone with a touch of brine.”

Pantone Fall 2022 Color: Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf is a soft off-white hue.

Pantone Fall 2022 Color: Autumn Blonde
This soft beige color is saY to “gently nurture.”

Pantone Fall 2022 Color: Polar Night
The dark trends navy color is inspire the “mysteries of new horizon.”

Pantone Fall 2022 Color: Loden Frost
Loden Frost is describe as an “earth-infuse green tone that calms and restores.”

Pantone Fall 2022 Color: Chiseled Stone
This deep gray color is saY to “display a silent strength.”

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