A Visit To Grand Island Goa


Goa is a destination for both beach lovers and nature enthusiasts but what about adventure seekers? But now they don’t need to worry because we have found the best solution for them.

Grand Island :

Grand Island is the best place in Goa for adventure lovers. And from here the Grand Island journey begins. This journey of your life starts early in the morning when the sun is not that harsh to skin. On the way, your tour guide will show you places which are totally a retreat for the tourists eyes. The best part about this boat trip is that you will witness an endless number of dolphins twirling, twisting, and having fun in the Arabian Sea.

The best thing about a trip to Goa are the memories and the experience that you carry back home from the journey. Coming to Goa and not going for the trip to Grand Island in Goa is just simply an incomplete journey. 

How to reach The Grand Island?

Reaching Ilha Grande (Grand Island) is a breath-taking and eye-popping experience. The beauty that surrounds is divine and natural. You can plan a half day or a full day trip depending upon how much time you have to the Ilha Grande in Goa.

Other Things you can do on Grand Island Goa:-

Enjoying, travelling, capturing photos and eating snacks- what else do you need in life? Apart from the amazing beaches, you can witness other tourist attractions like boat rides, shopping from the locals, visiting the exquisite churches and mouth watering food at some famous cafes and restaurants. 

Boat Ride to Grand Island

When you are exploring your destination, your boat stops, and no! But nothing to worry, they have surely something exciting to offer. A boat ride is such an exciting thing to do that you can easily feel the adrenaline rush.

Spotting Dolphins

If you are lucky enough then you will spot dolphins twirling here and there. It is just eye-catching to watch these beauties in their natural habitat. Keep your cameras handy as you never know when a dolphin jumps in the air. 


Fishing is another fun and exciting activity which is a major attraction for many on the boat. But, don’t need to worry if you don’t know how to do it. Because the guide will be there to give you a rope and bait and you can easily enjoy fishing on the boat. 

Snorkelling at Grand Island

A snorkelling experience like never before. If you are fearless enough about diving underwater, this trip is going to be the best in your checklist. Whoever is interested in doing this will be given a chance to snorkel and scuba dive. Don’t worry about the deep water because you will be given a life jacket and the equipment for snorkeling and of course, the guide will be there to accompany you. The beauty of the marine world is hard to describe in words, after experiencing the deep sea water, you stay quiet for a short time just to feel the essence of the natural beauty that you just encountered. Remember! Your being a non-swimmer is not an obstruction at all, as you will be provided with all the equipment and the guide will be with you. 

Tour Review:

The journey to the Grand Island will always be a special one and remain in your heart as the few hours you spend on the Arabian Sea are enthralling and amazing. Make sure that you enjoy each and every little moment of this trip and carry back a lot of beautiful memories and a lot of pictures to add in your ‘book of the memoir’.

Suitable for:

All are very welcome to enjoy a solo ride, you will enjoy this half-day tour more if you make it in groups of family or friends. From a nature lover who is here for sightseeing to an adventure addict for Snorkelling, the trip has something and everything for all. 

Conclusion / What to Expect?

The land of Goa has so much of beauty, history, character in itself that it is impossible to cover all of these in just 1 day. If you want to experience every little bit of it then it’ll take 5-6 days. There is always something you have not done or not know about before and that’s what makes this place more exciting. There is one thing for sure that you will return with and that is pictures, memories and treasured moments for a lifetime out of your Snorkelling experience, sightseeing, to and fro boat ride. 

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