Analysis of Electroneum and Dent Future Market Positions

As a matter of fact, crypto volatility is something that brings huge profits to one investor and terrible losses to others. It’s essential to be wise about what asset to invest in. Underdogs in the crypto community are often overlooked because they are not as popular yet as their big competitors are. But can low-cost cryptos still have adequate investment potential? 

Let’s learn more about Electroneum and Dent to see if they are any good. We will also review Dent price prediction and Electroneum price prediction and draw conclusions based on them. 

A Few Words About Electroneum

Electroneum is a digital ecosystem that empowers any user to send and receive digital assets via their smartphone. Launched in 2017, Electroneum became one of a few mobile-based cryptocurrencies. It was developed as a mobile application with a user-friendly interface. 

The mission of the project is to provide people with quick, low-fees transactions for the unbanked population. Electroneum has the AnyTask Platform — the marketplace that connects buyers and sellers of digital jobs. By offering secure contracts and zero fees for sellers, the company revolutionize the global economy. 

Electroneum permits mobile mining and storing of digital assets via the smartphone. It offers instant and fully secure transactions to global network platforms, as other public ledgers do. Its native crypto, ETN, can legally be spent in more than 190 countries. The platform operates under KYC and AML compliance procedures. 

Electroneum features a proof-of-responsibility consensus mechanism that chooses validators based on their security and reliability. Besides the regular validators, the platform includes some reputable Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). The block rewards they earn are intended to fund charitable initiatives. 

A Few Words About Dent

The Dent project launched in 2017 is the global exchange for mobile data. It allows Internet users to sell, buy, and even donate excess mobile data as some form of a digital asset. It’s basically the monetization of unused data that would otherwise go back to a mobile operator after the expiration of the plan. 

The platform has a mobile app that allows selling mobile data packages in the form of smart contracts. Dent is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It has the native ERC-20 token known as DENT. Currently, Dent enables three types of transactions: user-to-user data transactions, P2P international data transfer, and Initial Data Offering (IDO) by virtual operators. The revenue of the project comes from fees and commissions. 

Expert Analysis of the Asset Prices

As of August 2022, the DENT price is about $0.0010 per token, while ETN costs roughly $0.0028 per token. Here are several statistical predictions that show possible prices for both cryptos in the future. 


  • The source expects ETN to reach the value of 0.01 in 2023.
  • This prediction sticks to $0.007 per ETN in 2023, with potential growth to $0.015 in 2025. 
  • Here, the prediction is 0.008 per ETN in 2023 and 0.01 by the end of 2025. 
  • The last source expects $0.008 to be the feasible growth for ETN within the next year. 

All the sources are moderately positive about the future of ETN. 


  • The prediction here is $0.005 per token in 2023. 
  • This source sticks to the solid $0.002 per DENT by the end of 2023. 
  • Here, we observe expectations of $0.002 per DENT by the end of 2023. 
  • The last source sticks to the prediction of very moderate growth to $0.016 in a year. 

Once again, the sources predict a bullish tendency for the token.  

Summing It Up 

Both ETN price forecast and Dent price prediction show that the cryptos will enter the bullish market soon. Some doubling or even tripling in these digital assets prices is fully possible. But a trader will be able to get the most out of it only if they have a long-term vision. The crypto market is full of opportunities. Yet, financial operations in this niche come with huge risks and, therefore, should be approached wisely. 

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