How do AI Applications Enable Innovative User Experience in Mobile Apps?

Artificial Intelligence is no longer restricted to big tiers like Amazon, Netflix, or Microsoft – As for it’s evolving to become readily available for everyone looking for viable digital solutions.  

From your car to your toothbrush, AI is permeating the entire world at its fingertips – after all, we are stimulating a machine with human intelligence, so it’s meant to be perfect, and enrich users with an experience that they never witnessed before. 

Witnessing all the advancements, now AI has paved its way in mobile app development! AI not only transforms an average application to become smart but also expands its limitations and perimeters to deliver a profound user experience! 

Saying all that, let’s step into the guide, and let you know how AI unlocks new levels for an ordinary app! 

  1. Empowers Real-Time Application 

It’s believed that AI would have a significant impact on an Applications security and its user authentication. It’s obvious that if technology evolves to make something protected, the same technology can be utilized for bad means too! Hence, it becomes essential for us to remain ahead of the curve, and update our application with everything that can keep us safe from any type of threat!   

How does AI integration favor App authentication? 

Well, Incorporating AI on mobile phones can do wonders for you! It would help you stay informed about any type of irregularities or anomalies in user behavior. Its sub-branches, like machine learning and blockchain, make sure that your personal information and identity remain safe from unwanted access. Putting in much simpler words, due to AI, a smooth authentication process and user experience have been made possible! 

  1. Enables Automated Reply Functions 

Long gone are the days when people used to recheck their emails or texts to see if they got a reply back! However, with AI Integration, you get the powers of an Automated Reply function, that replies back to your customer’s queries instantly and make them feel that they matter! 

Have you ever tried availing any service from google? Or have you ever tried to report anything to google? You must have witnessed that as soon as you leave a text, a reply appears right in front of your screen. This is what the Automated Reply function is all about! When someone puts in their query, the google auto-reply feature interprets the message accordingly, thinks of a suitable answer, and then tries to resolve the query as fast as possible! 

The same can be applied to the application. If your User ever finds trouble with your application, they can simply put in their query, and AI integrated Automated reply function will take care of their query! 

  1. Real-time language translation! 

Hiring translators to do the language translation for you doesn’t come cheap – well we guess that you can do it with an application. However, while our research what we realized is that most of these translation apps need an internet connection to work! 

What will happen if you are out of the internet, but want to translate something real quick? Yeah right, you can’t! 

But with AI applications, language translation has become much easier! The AI automatically detects the language the other person is speaking or typing and translates it into your preferred language – all that in real-time! 

Not only this, the AI application can be made stronger by integrating them to learn even the dialects of languages. For example, people find Britishers hard to understand. So, the AI application can be used to understand what a Britisher said, and then can translate it for you with ease! 

So internet or not, AI promises that your translation services won’t get cut off again ever! 

  1. Enhances security with facial recognition! 

In the old times, people used to learn and place difficult pattern designs to make sure that nobody can get into their phone or application without permission. But in the majority of the cases, either they forget what the pattern was, or someone guesses their pattern out! 

However, with the integration of AI security features, you no longer have to deal with inputting patterns to access your app or your smartphone! 

Facial recognition has been around us since 2017 but wasn’t that popular back then. As of now, is being used by companies like Apple to provide users with a secure experience.

To enhance the security, this facial recognition feature is further crafted so that it can identify the person on the lock screen – even if they are in makeup or changed their outlook! 

Hence, by having Artificial intelligence in your application, your user won’t have to worry about their security anymore! 

  1. Enhances Search 

Nowadays, developers are using Artificial Intelligence, to provide users with a chance to search their queries over the search engine with the help of voice and image recognition. 

Google and some other search engines have already integrated this function into their search option, however, this function is soon going to become the next big thing for future applications! 

Not only this, but if you saw a picture of a product, and can’t figure out what it is, you can easily right-click the image, and Google Lens – a masterpiece of google would lead you right into the details of the product!  

These enhanced search options not only improve users’ experience but makes it more user-friendly. Hence, with AI in place, the user won’t be facing any issues while searching your application for anything! 

Final Word 

Foreseeing all the advancements that we have witnessed in Artificial Intelligence indicates that soon enough the app that comes with AI integration would be powering a versatile range of Industries

The big names in Tech; Apple, Google, and Amazon are already making the most of this technology, and soon enough we would be witnessing small-scale industries benefitting from it too.

With that being said, if you are keen to enrich your application with features that provides users with an innovative experience then AI can surely help you in that regard!

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