Bank Reconciliation – Bank Rules and Cash Corruption

Bank settlement has always been a difficult task. Especially when there are multiple transactions on a daily basis. Canceling each transaction can be difficult and time-consuming.

Fortunately, Numbers Pro has some tools to speed up and automate the bank settlement process. This gives you plenty of time to focus on other areas. In managing your business

We’ve already covered the basics of bank settlement within Zero Accountant, so you should know how Numbers Pro simplifies settlement. But today we will look at two special features – bank rules and cryptocurrency. This can save you time when you have frequent transactions on a regular basis.

Bank rules

If you select this option, on the Reconciliation screen above the amount received on the left, there will be an option “Rule”. You will be taken to the Make a Rule page. It depends on how the money is earned or spent. The rules are ‘make money or ‘spend money’. Now you have seven steps to build a base.

1. Describes The Conditions

It describes the conditions that must be met for the principle to be effective. These can be many conditions or all of them. Choose from the drop-down list. What terms do you want and how do you want to use them? Remove or add the terms unless you specify the correct terms.

2. Connecting If you select 

“Existing or New Contact”, you will need to enter the contact’s name in the box. If a contract exists, make sure it matches the existing customer’s name – it should appear in the Autofill option. If you select a bank beneficiary or enter a contact during the settlement, the box will disappear.

3. Set the correct amount for the account. 

To do this, add a new line, fill in the details, and set up the account and associated funds.

4. For the rest you can use section 4. 

Note that if the amount is not fixed (for example various direct deductions), it is better to skip section 3 and use the full amount in section 4.

5. Set up citations 

This is useful if you do not want to use citations provided by the bank. You can use a check number, recipient, or description. This reference will make it more relevant for you, your team, and your accountant.

6. Target Bank Accounts 

By default this will be the bank account you will add when you click Create 99% Roll to maintain this account. But if you want to change, you can do it here.

7.  easily find

Give the rule a name so you can easily find it in the bank’s list of rules if you need to modify it.

Once you’ve completed these steps, click “Save” to create a rule.

If you want to find the current bank rules, click Account – Bank Account – Bank Rules, then select whether you want a payment principle or a payment principle. And select the relevant rules from the list.

Once you have saved the rule when you click on reconcile  Accounting Consulting Firms in Australia the transaction is automatically encrypted as you specify, so all you have to do is click OK and the transaction will be settled. ۔ If you do not wish to use any rules, just click “No rules” and then you can enter the transaction details manually.

Cash Coding

Cash Coding is a very fast way to clean a lot of duplicates. Suppose you sell items on eBay. These tools cost only 1. And you sell hundreds of items a week. You will need to pay a نگ 0.10 selling fee to eBay each time you sell.

Do you want to click on each item individually? Not when you can keep your money secret. You can’t.

Cash coding looks like a big spreadsheet. You can select multiple items at once, just hold down the Shift key, then use your cursor to scroll down and select all duplicates. When all is said and done, just fill in the details of the selected item. And other premium items are all encrypted in this way, so you can handle hundreds of transactions in seconds. Which saves a lot of time and happiness.

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