Best Way to Reset Canon Ink Cartridge and Factory Settings

If you are wondering how to reset Canon ink cartridges and it seems like a complicated process, then this is the solution. You will only need the correct set of steps. Experts have created excellent methods to convert Canon ink cartridges in six ways. These six methods are available immediately without additional delay to reset Canon printer ink cartridge.

6 Reset Methods for a Canon Ink Cartridge

The following sections will show you how to reset your Canon ink cartridge, and this guide will walk you through the steps. You can refer to this blog’s Canon Printer Version Charts to find compatible devices.

Fix 1 – Canon ink cartridge reset from BCH technology

This method can be used to reset an ink cartridge for Canon printers. This can be done in 10 steps.

1. Turn off the Canon printer

2. You can simultaneously press the “Power” and “Stop” buttons.

3. Now, click the “Stop!” button.

4. Hold the Power button and press the Stop button once more. Then press the “Stop” button.

5. After 30 minutes, the screen will show “O. “

6. Now, press the “Stop” button four times, and then the “Power” buttons.

7. Click the Power button. The printer will turn around.

8. For this Canon printer, attach the USB and power cables.

9. The Power button will open the access door to the ink cartridge. Connect the cables to your device.

10. Close the ink cartridge, and then press the Power button.

Fix 2 – Reset Canon ink cartridge via chip.

This 8-step process will reset your Canon printer’s ink cartridge using the CPU.

1. Remove the cartridge by opening the door to the ink cartridge access port on the Canon printer.

2. Place the cassette on the main reset channel.

3. Check that the ink cartridge processor is in contact with the resetter’s contact plate.

4. For a few seconds, push the capsule in.

5. After contact, you will see that the LED on your resetter chip flashes several times.

6. Start the Canon ink cartridge if the light is on.

7. Now, install it on your Canon printer.

Fix 3 – Use the Stop/Record/ok / Reset button to reset the Canon ink cartridge.

Learn how to reset your Canon ink cartridge by using the “Stop,” “Resume,” “Ok,” or “Reset” buttons. This can be done in two quick steps.

1. Press “Stop” or “Resume” or / / OK//Reset on the Canon printer.

2. For 5 minutes, press and hold the button you prefer.

Now, the printout will go to the “out-of-ink” state.

Fix 4 – Use the resume button to reset a Canon ink cartridge

Learn how to reset a Canon ink cartridge using the “Resume” button. This requires you to use the “Power” and “Resume buttons. It’s worth trying.

1. Hold the “Resume” button on your printer.

2. Now, touch and hold the “Power” button.

3. Do not click the “Resume” button.

4. Next, tap the “Resume” button five more times.

5. Now, click the “Power” button.

The ink quantity or the power lamp will cease flashing but remain lit, and this completes the process.

Fix 5 – Reset your Canon ink cartridge with a reinstallation

This article explains how to reset Canon printer ink cartridges. This is a quick way to reset a Canon printer cartridge.

1. Turn off the Canon printer and then disconnect it.

2. Use the “Enable” and “Disable buttons. The cable should be connected simultaneously.

3. The “Stop” and “Reset” buttons should be pressed. Continue to hold the “On” and “Off” buttons simultaneously.

4. Click the “Enable” and “Disable” buttons.

5. Next, press the “Right Arrow” button to enable “Shipping Mode 3 span>

6. To select the mode, press “Ok.”

7. When “No Repair” appears on the monitor, please use the “Stop” and “Reset” buttons.

8. Next, open the printer cover.

9. Turn the cartridge so that it faces left.

10. Connect the Canon printer.

11. Both ink cartridges should be eliminated.

12. Close the printer cover

13. Connect the power cord to the printer and press the On/Off button.

14. You will see the message “Replace Cartridges.” Next, put the capsules back in.

15. The printer will need to take some time to identify them. The process will then be completed quickly.

Note: This method 5 works well with Canon PIXMA printers that have an LCD or display screen.

Fix 6 – Use the Color Start button to reset the Canon ink cartridge

To reset a Canon ink cartridge, you must use the “Color Start” button. In 13 steps, you can reset your Canon printer ink cartridge.

1. Get started with the Canon printer

2. Use the “Reset” button. Continue to press the Color Start button together with it.

3. For 5 minutes, continue with step 2.

4. Click the “Color Start” and press the “Reset.”

5. Wait 20 minutes until the device is configured.

6. After clicking “1” on your screen, tap “Utility.”

7. The screen will now show “A.” Hold the “Tool” button and the entire “Reset.”

8. After the lights stop blinking, click on the “Tool” button. Then, press “Reset.”

9. Turn off your printer by simultaneously pressing the “Power” and “Reset/Stop” buttons.

10. The power LED will turn on. Use the “Reset/Stop” button. Hold down the Power button.

11. Then release the buttons. The device will go into support mode.

12. The LEDs will turn green. Use the “Stop”, or “Reset”, buttons.

13. After pressing the “orange,” press the orange Publish button. Next, press the “green”, the “orange”, the “green”, and the “orange”, 5 times. Press the “green” 6 times, click the “green” 11 times, and finally 12 times.

Note: This method can be used to reset a Canon cartridge using the Canon Pixma Collection all Models website

We are approaching the end.

This guide outlines the best strategies to reset Canon ink cartridges using six methods. The instructions for each method are easy to follow. Stay tuned if you enjoyed our website on resetting Canon printer cartridges. We will soon have many more useful sites for you.

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