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The development of Information Technology (IT) has brought about more change in human lifestyle. It’s likewise conceivable that the following 10-15 years will achieve more change in the world. Computer Sciences experts are sought after in pretty much every area and country on the planet. There are numerous factors to have a keen eye for the field of Computer Sciences at college but a never-ending wide range of Computer Jobs opportunities. They have high procuring potential and the chance of making the whole world your clientele. If we talk about a specific degree in Computer Sciences giving you an incredible start that is a 4-year degree program BSCS, BS Computer Science. BSCS will furnish you with the abilities and information required by the always-energized and consistently growing IT industry.

Before going into the details of exactly who can select the BSCS Subjects. BSCS Degree let’s have a look at the interesting reasons why to choose a BSCS Degree?


An Era of Digital Age

Our society nowadays is consuming content majorly from the internet via screens of mobiles, laptops, and tablets, this era of digitalization is being derived by computer science which is yet to see more advancements with every passing day.

Making the World Better

Businesses are progressively depending on programming projects to convey, obtain, and send information across a large number of platforms. This pattern influences all enterprises, from medical care and banking to transportation and bookkeeping. With your BSCS Degree, you can assist with making the world, quicker, and a better place to live.

High Pay Scales

Computer Sciences is truly a massive scope field with a higher amount of pay scale. A beginner with a BSCS degree can start with 40k PKR in Pakistan which can go up to a whopping amount of 250k PKR for experts in this field

Wide Range of Specializations

As Computer science is a field that is incorporated into our daily lives. A BSCS degree holder can obtain specialization by working in the following major roles:

  • Analyst and Researcher
  • AI and ML Engineer
  • Lab Manager
  • Software Coder or Developer
  • Solutions Architect
  • QA Tester
  • Process Engineer
  • Digital Marketer

Opportunities at the Global Scale

Computer Sciences provides the leverage of working from home as a freelancer. The opportunities in this field are beyond imagination. If you are an expert in this field the world could become your clientele.

There are massive work possibilities for BS Computer Sciences graduates in various industry sectors going from programming.. They may in like manner look for business ventures, and exploration-driven organizations later on in their career. There are scarcely any professions like Computer Sciences that offer such adaptability, security, and potential outcomes.

With that said, let’s have a look at what kind of people can enroll in the BSCS Degree Program in Pakistan

BSCS Degree Program in Pakistan

There is a certain minimum criterion for all the universities in Pakistan that offers BSCS Degree Program:

Entry RequirementsPassing Marks that are 50% or above in FSc. Pre-Engineering, FSc. Pre-Medical, or ICSFor A-Levels Students or any foreign education holders, an equivalence certificate is required according to Pakistan’s marking system.There are entry test exams (such as NAT) held by some notable Pakistani Universities that the students have to pass to get eligible.
BSCS Course DurationHonors Degree of 4 years total duration

Understudies have to complete 50 mandatory and elective subjects. These subjects establish the groundwork of programming. These also give top to bottom information about backend frameworks and designs related to them.

Here is the rundown of BSCS subjects.

  • Introduction to Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
  • Programming Fundamentals (PF)
  • Discrete Structures (DS)
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)
  • Software Requirement Engineering (SRE)
  • Database Systems (DBS)
  • Operating Systems (OS)
  • Linear Algebra (LA)
  • Software Design and Architecture (SDA)
  • Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA)
  • Computer Networks (CN)
  • Software Construction and Development
  • Information Security (IS)
  • Software Quality Engineering (SRE)
  • Entrepreneur and Leadership
  • Applied Physics
  • Web Engineering
  • Professional Practices (PA)
  • Software Project Management
  • Calculus & Analytical Geometry
  • Introduction to Software Engineering
  • SE Supporting-I
  • Technical and Business Writing
  • Islamiyat
  • Pakistan studies
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Software Re-Engineering
  • 5 Elective courses in Computer Sciences
  • Social Science electives

FYP allows undergraduates an opportunity to exhibit all they have learned. The fact that the students are administered, the onus is on them to characterize the issue limits, examine potential arrangements, and introduce the outcomes recorded as a hard copy, verbally, and in real life.

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