Certification MCSA Microsoft Exam – 70-291

Server 2003 Mounting, management, and conservative of server 2003 network infrastructure

After studying a textbook, it is important to test your newly learned knowledge and see how well the ingredients have been absorbed. Practice test ….

*Strengthen what you have learned -fill the gap of what you missed
*Get used to answering questions to build confidence and friendliness

The questions of 10 multiple selection examinations for practice are as follows.

Question 1 # -Which IP class address is a special multicast address?

A. Class A
B. Class B
C. Class C
D. Class D
E. Class E

Question 2 # -The enterprise network with 1000 computers and 100 servers, if you assign a small remote control containing about 40 or more computers to connect to the main network, it is ideal to manage dynamic IP. Which of the following methods is the address of a small network?

A. Install a lower configuration DHCP server with the small network and make synchronization between DHCP servers.

B. Configure the DHCP relay agent for the network

C. Install the bootp agent on the network switch

D. Assign a static IP address to the client of the network

Question 3 # – There are two subnets, Sub1 and Sub2 on the network. Each of these requires a DHCP server. It is also necessary to set up the fall tolerance of these two subnet DHCP servers. It is necessary to make sure that the DHCP client request will be unmanned.

Which steps do you need to do to support this configuration? (Please select all applicable.)

A. Divide the entire range of continuous addresses between the two servers

B. Mounting a DHCP relay agent in each subnet so that the relay agent is transferred to the remote subnet DHCP server

C. Make sure that all reservation addresses are correctly configured on both DHCP servers

D. Create a necessary client reservation with only one server

E. IP addresses between two subnets must not be adjacent for safety reasons

Question 4 # -You need to access the company information wherever you work or travel at home. There is a DHCP server that supports the RAS server to dynamically assign an IP address to these remote clients. The default Windows integrated authentication has been implemented for security purposes.

Once you log in, you need to be able to use all resources for remote users. When testing, you can see that the remote client does not receive information from the DNS server and cannot access network resources. What should you do?

A. Implement a secondary DHCP server just for remote clients
B. Upgrade the DNS server
C. Check the DHCP scope option
D. Windows abolished the integrated authentication

Question 5 # -I recently created a stub network for the factory acquired by the company.

This network must be accessible only to specific web servers in the network, and do not access other resources in this web server or network until the company policy by the factory network user is in place.

The stub network must allocate an individual range IP address from the main network DHCP server. The stub network is connected to the main network via the router box

What should you do?

Each selection represents a part of the solution. Select two options to create a complete solution

A. Enable putt with this web server router

B. Enable NAT with this web server router

C. Confirm that the router is also running Bootp/DHCP relay agent

D. Make sure that the default gateway set is not set on the router

E. Assign strict access authority via network to limit stub network users

Question 6 # -Which of the following guarantees that the active IPsec policy changes are immediately affected?

A. Netsh Static command
B. NetSH Dynamic command
C. Restart the IPsec policy
D. Restart the server created by the IPsec policy

Question 7 # -Your company has acquired a small consultant service company. A job that automatically assigns DNS and mail server information to the entire work group is assigned.

You must allocate a new scope and configure some relevant range options to make the necessary changes on the DHCP server. Which of the following do you need to configure? Select 2

A. Router option
B. MX record option
C. DNS Safics Options
D. DNS domain name option

Question 8 # -Only one resource is required for the entire network that needs to be steeply configured to IP -related information. This resource must be accessed by everything in the network

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