Civic Education, Politics, and an Uninformed Populace

The specific date is outstanding like February 14, October 31, and December 25. But how about September 17th? It should have been outstanding, but not. In fact, most of us do not reconsider the date. But we should definitely do it. It’s not just another day. This is a constitutional day in 1952, aside by Congress to promote citizens involvement.

In order to institutionalization of this day, Senator Robert C. Bird in West Virginia promoted a law that requires all schools and universities to approve constitutional days. Unfortunately, six years later, the parliament deprived the funds of civil education, which said that Los Brenneman, Education Week, sent a message that citizens were important but not worth the federal government.

And that goes.

As a person, we are wearing a terrible uniform about the history of the United States and the function of the government. Certainly, many people are not even convinced who our current leader is -there is one exception. Not surprisingly, Obama has been a president for almost six years and has enjoyed a famous perception because he has intersected from national campaigns and funding frequently. In addition, our new healthcare program nickname is named his name.

But what about Deputy Commander Joe Biden?

That’s exactly what Jimmy Kimmel, a midnight show, recently asked some Hollywood Bourvard. One girl suggested that he might be a man. Some other people said they saw him in the movie. Another identifies him as a Republican member who plans to run for the president, but the couple seems to think he is the governor. From there I went downhill.

Later, the Huffington Post replied in the headline, saying, “Jimmy Kimmel will prove that Americans do not know who Joe Biden is.” If you can laugh, you may be ashamed. Meanwhile, at the Purisato Center in 2010, only 59 % of us found that he was the Vice President.

Regarding the constitution, in September, TheanNenberg Public Policy Center asked 1,416 adults about the government. result:

36 % can name all the three government branches. 27 % could not name.
27 % knew that two -thirds of voting, both the lower house and the Senate, would need to disable the veto.
21 % accidentally thought that the 5-4 Supreme Court’s decision would return to Congress to reconsider.
And it is a corner of the iceberg. At first glance the national evaluation of the development of education in 2011 suggests that our children are also ignorant to speak in the government. please:

27 % of the fourth graders scored a skilled level overto.
22 % of the eighth graders scored at a skillful level.
24 % of the 12th grader scored at a skilled level or higher.
The retired U.S. Supreme Court Judge Sandra Daoconer explains: And the result is miserable as expected. “

The emotions are supported by Robert Pendicio, the first citizen who sends wise and effective autonomy in democracy, not only to become employees and entrepreneurs. I forgot that in the age of education overhaul. “

That’s why O’connor justice established Its purpose: “We will reconfigive citizen learning through interactive and attractive learning resources. Our educational resources will strengthen teachers and prepare for the next generation of students to become knowledge and enthusiastic citizens. “

Meanwhile, in 2013, the Citizen Education Initiative was formed with the support of Judge Okonor, former mayor of New York, Mayor Rudy Juliani, and actor Joe Mantegna. The mission is to require all 50 high school students to ask 100 questions and pass the US naturalization test. And they are starting to acquire some ground.

So far, the seven states are considering the law to reward students who are not requirements, although not requirements. At present, at least 60 % of those who have earned it have not yet been determined in the average score. Those conditions are as follows

South Carolina
South Dakota
Fyi: 91 % of those seeking citizenship pass the exam. Here are some samples to test your own citizens:

What is the highest method of land?
Autonomous ideas are in the first three words of the Constitution. What are these words?
What do you call the first 10 corrections of the Constitution?
What are the rights or freedom from Article 1 of the Correction?
How many corrections do the constitution have?
What is the branch of the government so that it doesn’t become too powerful?
Who is in charge of the executive department?
How many U.S. Senate are there?
How many years will the U.S. Senator be selected?
How many voters do the lower house have?

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