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There are many ways to get inspired by Morocco’s rich spices and artisans. The country’s diverse culture and traditions are truly remarkable. Storyteller Daisy Sophia has put together an overview of Marrakech. Its pink-toned streets are bursting with people eating, drinking, praying and laughing. And if you’re looking for an authentic experience, you’ll find it in the city. Here are some suggestions for your creative holiday:

You can visit a photography museum to see images taken by locals and travelers alike. There are also exhibits by internationally renowned artists and amateurs. The museum holds a wide range of photography archives, from glass negatives to postcards of Marrakech. You can even browse through photographs in journals and magazines. Contemporary artists are also creating a buzz in the city. The city’s cultural scene is embracing the globalization of art and design.

You can take part in a creative workshop while in town. Many artisans in the city hold workshops to teach visitors how to make their own crafts. While you’re in Marrakech on holiday, you might want to consider taking a workshop or two to learn a new skill. You’ll get to meet local artisans and possibly change your career altogether. Whether you’re a painter, photographer, writer, or poet, there’s a creative workshop or two in Marrakech to spark your creativity.

Craftspeople in the city are also bringing together traditional and contemporary techniques to create unique designs. Many of them have become famous for their unique pieces and have crafted hundreds of thousands of objects in the past decade. In addition to handmade items, they’re bringing together the traditional skills of the medina with modern design. Yves St Laurent, who is the man behind Popham Design, also teaches hands-on workshops in the city.

Hub Creatif is a business incubator for Marrakech’s creative sector. It offers co-working and meeting spaces to entrepreneurs, along with training. MEPI is an association of creative entrepreneurs in the region. They’ve supported over twenty-five creative businesses and helped create more than 150 jobs. The association has been helping the local economy for four years and is aimed at helping the creative sector grow and thrive. You can find more information about Creative Marrakech by visiting the websites listed below.

Craftspeople in the city are likewise uniting conventional and contemporary methods to make novel plans. A significant number of them have become well known for their special pieces and have made countless items in the previous ten years. Notwithstanding hand tailored things, they’re uniting the conventional abilities of the medina with current plan. Yves St Laurent, who is the man behind Popham Design, additionally shows active studios in the city.

The city’s medina has been a creative haven for Europeans for centuries. Yves Saint Laurent even credited Marrakech with his first encounter with color. Another creative icon, Serge Lutens, has spent nearly 50 years designing a complex of riads in the medina. He also opened a perfume laboratory for Royal Mansour guests. In this way, the city continues to inspire the minds of international creatives.

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