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Does HHC Show Up on A Drug Test? 5 Things to Know

HHC, hexahydrocannabinol, is rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative to Delta8 and Delta 9 THC. It can help improve sleep and relieve anxiety, pain, and inflammation. However, HHC isn’t as well known as its cousin, THC pills. So if you’ve ever used HHC and are due for a drug test, you may be nervous about the result 

Will HHC show up on a drug test? Possibly! For HHC to show up, it must be detected in your body. That means how long HHC stays in your body directly affects the result, which depends on many factors. These include how long it’s been since you last consumed HHC, your body weight, and fat percentage, the amount of HHC you consumed, etc.

Understanding these factors will help you avoid negative test results. Here we discuss five things you should know about HHC and drug testing.

5 Things That Determine HHC Drug Test Results

  1. Amount of HHC in Your System

The amount of HHC used and last used are among the most critical factors determining a positive or negative drug test. As with most drugs, the longer you have been using HHC, the more likely you will test positive for the drug. 

HHC is fat-soluble, which means it is absorbed into fat cells and can stay there for a long time. If you have used HHC before, metabolites of HHC can remain in your system long after you have stopped using it. This can cause a positive on a drug test.

The chances of a positive test go up with higher HHC dosage amounts. So, you may want to stick to lower doses and only use lab-tested honeyroot products to buy quality products for purity. 

  1. Frequency of HHC Use: Is it One Time or Regular Use?

Did you take HHC just once to help you sleep? Or did you take it regularly to relieve anxiety or pain? The frequency of use matters a lot. While one-time use can help you pass a drug test, regular use might not. Regular use means a higher HHC amount in your body and the more likely you will fail the test.

  1. Body Fat

HHC is fat-soluble, as we have discussed above. That means it gets absorbed into your fat cells. Your body fat percentage affects how long HHC stays active in your system.

The higher your fat percentage when you take HHC, the more it will get into and stay there for longer. On the contrary, the lower your body fat percentage, the sooner HHC will get out of your system. 

  1. Metabolism

Your metabolism is the speed at which your body burns fat and turns it into energy. Since HHC is eliminated from the body by normal bodily functions, your metabolism can affect how quickly HHC is detected in your system. The faster your metabolism, the sooner HHC and its active metabolite will be out of your system. So, your detection window is likely shorter if you have a high metabolism. 

A slow metabolism, on the other hand, can lead to a false positive HHC drug test result. 

That’s because individuals with a slow metabolism tend to eliminate THC more slowly than individuals with a high metabolism. 

  1. Type of Test Used

The type of test used to detect HHC may also affect the results. An HHC urine test is the most common test that can detect HHC up to 10 days after last use. An HHC blood test can detect HHC up to 5 days after last use. A saliva test can detect HHC up to 9 days after last use, while an HHC hair test can detect HHC up to 90 days after last use. Regardless of the type of test, if you’ve been using HHC regularly, you may need to take a break before testing.

How to Pass A HHC Drug Test Naturally

While the surest way to pass a drug test is by avoiding HHC or other cannabis products at least 3 months before. If this is unavoidable, there are still ways to detox naturally and possibly avoid a positive test, but the results are not guaranteed. 

Some of the ways to get rid of THC in your system include:

  • Staying hydrated
  • Using detoxing products
  • Sweating it out in the sauna
  • Eating healthy foods
  • Exercising regularly

It’s important to note that these home remedies can only help with certain drug tests, like urine tests that detect recent drug use. It might not work for a hair test that can detect the substance in your system long after its last use. 


HHC will show up in a drug test only if it is in your bloodstream. If you have taken HHC recently or regularly, there is a good chance that you will have traces of it in your bloodstream. If you have only taken HHC once, it will likely not show up in your bloodstream, or if it does, it will get out of your system quickly. 

While research on how HHC metabolizes is ongoing, we know it has a similar structure to HHC and near identical metabolites. So, like with THC, How long HHC stays in your system depends on various factors, including the amount of HHC you have taken, when you last used it, your metabolism, body fat percentage, and the type of test used. As a rule, avoid using HHC a month (or more) before your upcoming drug test.

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