E-bikes for commuters and as sports equipment

Finally cycling to work without arriving drenched in sweat? E-bikes are ideal for commuters. The range of modern batteries is usually completely sufficient for the outward and return journey. Usually also when things have to go a little faster and you need the highest level of support. Which e-bike type is the right one for commuters depends primarily on the route and whether you want to use your bike for other purposes.

City e-bikes

City e-bikes are usually sufficient for short distances in the city. They are comfortable, inexpensive and reliable. Trekking e-bikes can also be suitable for commuters. Especially if you also want to use your e-bike for leisure trips or even for small tours.

Electric folding bikes

The e-folding bike like G-Force T41 ebike is completely different and no less suitable for long distances. Folding bikes have been on the rise again for several years, as many commuters do without the car and commute to work using several modes of transport. From the front door to the starting station and from the destination station to work: no problem with the e-folding bike. Most models can be taken on the train as luggage and modern folding mechanisms make flexible mobility child’s play.

Trekking e-bikes

The trekking e-bike is also very helpful on commutes with somewhat unpaved sections. With good tires, suspension and mudguards you can cope on a variety of surfaces. Bicycle baskets and luggage racks also make it easier to transport documents and work bags.

Commuter e-bikes

So-called commuter e-bikes are the epitome of a pendulum e-bike. The bikes have power and are designed for longer distances on paved bike paths. Many of these e-bikes even support you up to 45 km/h. But then you need a driver’s license and you have to register the bike with insurance and license plate number. However, the sporty and robust e-bikes can be a good choice, especially if you commute from the surrounding area to the city or drive long distances to work. In most cases, a luggage rack is installed so that you can attach luggage rack bags to the bikes. So you don’t have to carry your work documents on your back.

E-bikes as sports equipment

Do you primarily want to do sports with the e-bike? Most athletes know what they like, but just to help, we’ll explain all the options you have.

E-road bikes

E-road bikes are intended for fast driving on the asphalt. Because you usually ride your road bike at over 25 km/h on straight stretches, the motor helps you to cope with unpleasant situations. Steep climbs, headwinds in open fields and quick starts at traffic lights are a real pleasure thanks to the engine. E-road bikes give you a little more leeway and expand the radius of your training rides and tours.

Gravel e-bikes

Gravel bikes, which have only recently started to be offered with an electric motor, are just as slim as racing bikes. However, gravel e-bikes are not only intended for riding on asphalt. With the gravel bike you are safe on all surfaces, even if not always comfortable. But you are versatile, nimble and fast in the forest, on gravel and rough terrain. With wider, profiled tires and a sporty seating position, gravel e-bikes are primarily intended for sporty endurance rides off-road.

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