Everything You Should Know About Directadmin Hosting

Directadmin is a hosting control panel that allows you to manage your website hosting accounts and services with ease. It offers a graphical interface and automation for many tasks, making it an ideal platform for web hosting service providers and their customers. This article explains the basics of Directadmin, from its features to how to get started.

What do you understand by DirectAdmin Hosting?

DirectAdmin is a robust web hosting control panel that you can use to manage your shared hosting or dedicated servers. It comes along with excellent features that make it the perfect solution for all kinds of hosting environments, from shared hosting to VPS and dedicated servers.

The software provides you with complete control over your server. It efficient, effective, and easy to use for admins and users. DirectAdmin reseller hosting is considered to be one of the perfect among the competitors. DirectAdmin pride itself due to its stability, security, and quick implementation of technologies.

What are the Benefits of DirectAdmin Hosting?

Let’s learn more about a few underlined characteristics that can bring potential clients.

1. Cost-effectiveness

Its reasonable pricing what still keeps DirectAdmin hosting competitive in the market. In spite of its low price, has high security and excellent default features.

2. Optimal Speed

DirectAdmin hosting was designed to be fast and compact. In restricted hosting environments, it enables more resources for your website and you will have more control over the available resources.

3. Stability

With low maintenance, it also known for its stability. It uses minimum codes that are easy to expand and maintain. The unplanned downtime is generally low because it recovers automatically after crash.

4. Simple User Interface

The DriectAdmin hosting panel is divided into six sections:

Account Management

Email Management


Information Display

Additional Settings


With its simple menu, you can easily access the different sections.

Features of DirectAdmin Hosting

1. DirectAdmin is Easy-to-use

DirectAdmin is the perfect control panel as its easy to use and provides a clean, effective, and efficient interface that accommodates both beginner and advanced users. The interface is highly customizable to fit your needs which enables you with flexibility and provides options for all levels of users. As it is a friendly interface for beginners, advanced users will also appreciate the backend flexibility and control.

2. DirectAdmin is Reliable & Stand-alone

DirectAdmin is a trustworthy server as it automatically restarts its services if got crashes or freezes. An entirely stand-alone control panel, which means you can install it on your server without having to modify any of the server’s configurations.

In DirectAdmin, administrators are free to upgrade/ downgrade services, libraries,

etc., without fear of breaking the control panel. This is the most significant difference between DirectAdmin and other hosting panels.

3. DirectAdmin Employs Robust Technologies

DirectAdmin uses cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best possible hosting experience to users. With the advantage of PHP’s latest advancements, the database, and web server provide fast and more reliable hosting. It has a flexible API that enables you to create custom scripts that work seamlessly with your hosting account.

Top 5 cPanel Web Hosting Providers

With many providers out there, it’s not easy to find the perfect one. This is where top-rated hosting directories like HostingSeekers come to the rescue. We have list of top providers will break each of them down so that you can make the most informed and confident decision possible.

Here is the list of top 10 cPanel web hosting providers on HostingSeekers:

1. Hostever

Hostever is one of the leading web hosting providers that has the latest technology to offer a smooth, error-free service since 2011. This cPanel hosting is provided at a charge of INR 138 monthly, along with a strong data security backup and an optimized WordPress option.

2. ServersGround

ServersGround offers high-quality web hosting g services with 99% uptime. Its 99.99% uptime guarantee means your website will always be available for your users. It allows you to create an unlimited number of email accounts with your own domain. You can check your email from anywhere with its friendly webmail clients. This cPanel hosting is provided at the charge of INR 220.96 monthly.

3. Popular IT BD

A web host that offers the cheapest web hosting services. Service offers start at only INR 23 a month, founded in 2009. Popular IT BD is dedicated and well known for its good service and support. Its core objective is to allow hosting seekers to establish their online presence without the overbearing challenges posed by technologies.

4. HosterPlan LTD

HosterPlan LTD is well known for its speed among its clients. It is a premium web hosting provider at affordable prices. With the use of the latest technology in the next generation it ensures the highest quality service for customers. Users can avail its effective features at just INR 306 a month.

5. GlowHost

GlowHost’s in-house team shares hundreds of years of combined hosting expertise and enables its customers to immediately gain access to support staff available to help you 24/7/365. This cPanel hosting is provided at the charge of INR 256.43 a month.


Whether you’re a beginner or looking to switch hosts, cPanel hosting is a good option to explore.
Start by making a list of all your requirements and project objectives to see how you may profit from our cost-effective web hosting solution.

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