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My 5 Favorite Female Korean Blogs

We love Korean bloggers for their beauty tips, and these are some of the best.


Risabae is a Korean beauty blogger who has a YouTube channel, blog, Twitter account, Facebook page, Pinterest account and Google+ account. She also has a Tumblr account. Also, you need to read my interesting blogs about super stars info.


Ssin is a Korean beauty blogger with a very popular blog, as well as an Instagram account. Her blog has lots of tips, tricks and reviews on products that could be helpful for you if you’re new to K-beauty or want to try something new. The fact that she speaks English makes it even easier to understand her posts!

Beauty Milk

Beauty Milk is a Korean beauty blog with a focus on skincare and makeup. It’s been around since 2011 and has a loyal following, especially among those who are new to K-beauty. Their content is helpful, their tone is fun and friendly, and they have an excellent selection of products in their shop.

The Beauty Milk team has done the hard work for you by putting together lists for all sorts of needs: The Best Eyeliners to Buy Now (if you’re looking for something black), What To Do If Your Skincare Isn’t Working Out (if you’ve hit a wall with your routine), or How to Be A Better Makeup Artist (if you want to learn how to create wearable looks).

Choi Eun Young

Choi Eun Young, also known as Choi Saejung, is a Korean blogger who has built her reputation on her unique style and sense of fashion. She founded the e-commerce site StyleNanda in 2008, which was then acquired by Naver Corp for $4 million in 2014. She also runs a personal blog that has more than 400k followers on Instagram alone! Her Instagram page features plenty of photos showcasing her sense of style and impeccable fashion sense—and some videos too!

Myunggi Kim

Myunggi Kim is the creator of the blog Beauty Maniac and has over 1 million followers on Instagram. She is a former Miss Korea and was previously crowned Miss Asia (2001) and Miss Universe (2002). Her YouTube channel features Korean beauty trends, DIYs, reviews and more!

Myunggi Kim’s site is also filled with informative articles on how to pick out cosmetics for your skin type, how to use them properly and what products are best for you! There’s even a handy glossary of terms found in most Korean makeup stores so that you’ll know exactly what they’re talking about when asking questions.

These female Korean bloggers have some great beauty tips to share.

As a Korean female, I know that beauty is an important part of our culture. We love to take care of our skin, hair and nails. These women are some of the most popular Korean bloggers who share their thoughts on beauty products and tips. Here are my top five blogs:

[Noraebangs] is one of the most well-known bloggers in Korea for her amazing reviews about all things beauty related (from what she uses to how she styles her hair). If you want to know more about the best makeup brands or want to find out which lip tint looks good on you, this is the right place! She also has great posts showing how different styles look on people with different body shapes so it’s easy for anyone to try something new!

[Cindy Kim] is another great blogger who shares photos from her daily life as well as lots of information about makeup tips or styling advice using different outfits that other fashionistas might want try out themselves! Her blog also has fun tutorials like how long eyelashes look when they’re curled properly so readers can better understand what makes someone beautiful while also getting ideas on how they might be able to improve upon their own appearance (especially during those lazy nights spent watching Netflix instead!).

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