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Hair Restoration Cost: Overall Benefits And Its Working Procedure 

Hair transplant is a modern technique that works to relocate hairs from one place to another using grafting. It has several types and procedures that are suitable for the individual needs of people. To be a good candidate for hair implants, you must have donor hairs on the head. These hairs are usually available to yield from the back and sides of the head. A hair surgeon would take healthy hair grafts from the donor region to implant them at the bald sites. This procedure can take several hours, and the number of grafts could vary from person to person. Thus, the hair restoration cost can also be computed on the basis of hair grafts required.

Working of hair restoration

Usually, the hairs in the donor region of the head are the thickest. These hairs have a solid chance of growing stronger, so are used by the surgeon for implanting into hairless sites on the scalp. There are mainly two methods such as FUE and FUT, to remove grafts from the donor area. FUE works by removing the hair follicles individually using a motorized punching tool. Whereas FUT works by removing the skin strip from the back of the head to extract grafts. Well, these both are popular techniques and have a unique set of properties. The cost of hair implants is also different for both of these methods. You can choose the technique as per your specific aesthetic goals to restore healthy hair.

Why you should get hair transplant surgery?

Well, it is a proven solution to regain the growth of healthy hairs on the scalp. Unlike conventional methods like oils, hair lotions, and topicals, it is a more permanent way to hair loss solution. You can consult a board-certified hair surgeon to address the hair loss problem. This surgical procedure can work to deliver extreme benefits to patients with:

  • Androgenic alopecia which is a male and female pattern of baldness
  • Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder that attacks follicles
  • Treat hair loss due to hormonal imbalances due to stress and thyroid.
  • Treats hair loss due to injuries and burns
  • The hair restoration cost would depend on the condition you want to treat with surgical implants.

Benefits of hair transplant

1. Fuller head of hairs

You can achieve fuller and thicker growth of hairs after surgical treatment. The surgeon would target the bald area by stimulating the growth of follicles. The hairs will be implanted in the roots, which will trigger the natural growth of follicles. Thus, after three months, you can see the development of new hairs on the head. In a complete one year, you can see a full head of hairs that are naturally grown.

2. Safe procedure

A hair transplant is a safe procedure, even if it is surgical. The techniques of hair restoration are amplified with modern technology. Therefore, you can get the treatment without undergoing any health risks. Being in good health, you can avail of this treatment and can recover with healthy growth of hair.

3. Cost-effective

Hair restoration cost depends on several factors like method, duration, number of grafts, etc. But it is a cost-effective solution as the hairs will grow permanently. So, you do not have to pay money on other hair growth products forever. It is only a one-time investment to achieve an everlasting advantage.

To sum up

A hair transplant is a viable option if you are fed up with other hair growth methods. It is a guaranteed treatment to get healthy growth of hairs naturally and permanently. You can discuss your needs with a skilled hair surgeon to attain quality results. Making an initial consultation would help you to know the overall hair restoration cost. Hope this post has helped you to gain inclusive knowledge about hair transplantation.

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