How AI, Machine Learning and Automation Will Impact Business

The only way to get these kinds of insights is to deeply jump into the CRM platform and review customer details thoroughly. Use semantic analysis to understand the level of purchase intention behind the words used by qualified prospects.

Hot hints: Starting analyzing now and developing powerful personas is the key to implementing AI algorithms in social media after 2018.

Marketing and machine learning

Simply put, machine learning is to understand data and statistics. This is a technical process that predicts possible results after the computer algorithm finds the data pattern -a specific message depends on the word, the link contained in the message, or the pattern identified by the list. If you decide whether or not you are in e -mail, the recipient. This is a perfect example of how to apply machine learning to marketing to optimize the campaign.

Companies can also use machine learning to upsails at the right time for appropriate products and appropriate customers. In 2018, marketing staff will continue to rely on machine learning to understand the open rate for e -mail. Therefore, we know exactly when to send the next campaign to increase the click -rated and ROI. The next big thing? It may sound small, but tickets and re -routing can be a big expense for small and medium -sized enterprises -Machine learning costs. The sales survey will automatically end with the sales team or the customer service category will immediately complain, and companies will save a lot of time and money. This is all possible with the latest technology.

And it is great to solve the problem in a record time and succeed in the e -mail campaign, but this is just the beginning. What is expected to be expected in 2018 is as follows.

E -commerce reaches a new height
I’m shopping for new pair sunglasses on Amazon, but before I know it, Facebook feeds are packed with multiple eyewear ads and summer related trends. This is machine learning. In the accident, this example is the future of e -commerce, which analyzes data based on user purchase history or online shopping behavior.

Retail companies also track advertisements or images that are most likely to stop scrolling to target specific content. For example, if you always click an advertisement containing a happy woman and some textbooks, the machine will record it as a priority content and target only ads that meet this description. The machine can also track the most active time on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest and present these ads in the optimal purchase time.

After that, when it comes to purchasing, machine learning will be applied to reduce the risk of credit fraud. How? The machine learns from a history dataset containing fraudulent transactions and can identify a typical illegal transaction, as well as how to detect and deter spam mail. Machine learning begins to affect other parts of business funnel. Let’s take a look at the rise of chatbots.

Integration of chatbot
There were times when chatbots were only considered as artificial pests on the Internet, but through machine learning, they became smarter and companies were hugging them.

Since 2018, chatbots will play an important role in future customer services. why? Chatbots will help to achieve faster customer service resolutions and provide prompt history of each customer for perfect customer service. There are several important advantages that chatbots have beyond human interaction.

Providing a customer service 24 hours a day, a great thing about the machine? They don’t sleep! Combined with the fact that chatbots are sufficiently sophisticated to recognize human emotions such as anger, confusion, fear, and joy. Therefore, if chatbot encounters negative emotions from customers, they will be seamlessly transferred to humans, take over the customers, and end their support.

The era of “hold” is gone. The big barrier to providing the outstanding customer service is a long time. How many times do you have a customer service from COMCAST (or any TV/Internet provider) and gradually get frustrated in the waiting time? All this can be excluded with chatbots!
With quick access to customer data, services provide more personal services. One of the things that never gets better than chatbots is to digest customer data and history immediately and provide context to customer questions. Chatbots are excellent in collecting customer data from support interaction. The complete history of each account is performed quickly to function as a virtual assistant that can provide customer data to customer service staff. At the start of the recruitment of chatbots, this technology will definitely be an important contribution to the success of the 2018 business.
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