How does SIS help schools go paperless:


SIS system stands for student Information System which is software used by several institutions to enhance their educational atmosphere. This software is basically used for maintaining and organizing every minute detail of the students. It not only helps track the progress and efficiency of the students, but also helps maintain and arrange all of the past records. Moreover, the SIS system is influencing institutions to go paperless. Therefore, student information system is being widely adopted by several educational institutions.

What is SIS?

The SIS system greatly impacts the education system of various institutes, schools and universities. Some of the advantages of the system are as follows:

  • It helps in keeping track of the students and their educational journey.
  • It also plays an important role in the development programs examination management as a rest plan improvement.
  • The student records and the Academy call records of the students are kept intact in the database for retrieving it anytime when required.
  • With the help of tests, quizzes and assignments, student performance can be judged with the help of the SIS system.

How does the SIS system promote paperless working?

The SIS system brought a new idea to the educational system. It helps maintain all of the records receipts as well as the information of the students on the software. The things that used to be done manually and through paperwork had been reduced to online portals. Some of the benefits of the student information system that promoted paperless working are as follows:

  • It created a student portal where all the information is saved on record.
  • It also consists of a parent portal so that the parents can access it for the students’ information.
  • All the Academic and extra-curricular activities information is uploaded to those systems.
  • Recruitment and the enrolment process, which used to require a lot of paperwork, had been done online.

Advantages of being a paperless institution:

Being paperless itself has a huge impact on the environment. Student Information System is one of the most widely used software that is a promoting paperless institutions. Therefore, there are several advantages that is related to being paperless. There are several advantages of being a paperless institution. Some of them are as follows:

  • First and foremost, it has a great impact on saving money
  • With the help of the student Information system, a lot amount of time is saved because there is no paperwork.
  • Being a paperless institution, everything is uploaded online, which helps streamline learning for the students.
  • Being paperless helps in using and utilizing the resources provided more efficiently and effectively.
  • Easier collection and recording of the data. Moreover, there will be no chance of the papers getting lost as everything will be uploaded to the database.
  • With the help of online learning, the paperwork that is provided to the students is shifted to virtual base education which maintains uninterrupted learning for the students.


The student Information system is one of the best software available for every institution or educational university. With the help of this brand information system, many institutes are going paperless, which is eco-friendly and enhances the educational system. By being paperless, a lot of the hectic work is settled down. Using the system information system, everything is uploaded on the Internet, and the database is created in such a manner to record as well as maintain that record for a longer period of time and in a systematic way.


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