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How Quickly Can I Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Missouri? 

After years of advocating, Missouri state finally voted to legalize medical cannabis in 2018 by passing amendment 2. This initiative won over two more conservative measures that would have provided less freedom than the current law. 

This post will discuss how you can quickly get a medical marijuana card in Missouri. Some were surprised by this, but most voters in the state considered it a strong message to the state that the war on cannabis was over. Keep reading for more details on this topic.

How to Qualify for Medical Marijuana in Missouri

Signing up for medical marijuana takes a few simple steps. First, you will be required to determine whether or not you qualify for this program. To qualify, you must be 18 years old, a state resident, and have a qualifying ailment. If you are a minor with a qualifying disorder, you will need a caregiver who is your parent or guardian. A minor with intractable seizures respond well to medical cannabis.

State Laws

Before you opt for a Missouri medical cannabis card, you need to note that medical marijuana sales in the state started in October 2020. The state had decriminalized the possession of any amount of medical marijuana in the state through senate bill 491 in 2014. But this law did not take any effect until January 2017. It ensures you do not face jail time if you possess less than 10grams of cannabis.

The sale of any amount of cannabis without a requisite license is a felony, and you could serve up to four years in prison. But this is still a misdemeanor, and you can receive a fine of up to $500. If you are caught with 35grams of marijuana, you can face up to seven years in prison since it is a felony.

There is a push for the total legalization of cannabis, and activists are hoping that by the end of 2022, recreational cannabis will be legal. But at the moment, medical marijuana is legal in the state. The Missouri department of health has enabled medical cannabis sales. Therefore keep reading to learn how to apply for your card here.

How To Get Medical Marijuana Card in Missouri

The Department of Health in Missouri is working hard to ensure every patient gets g medical cannabis cards. The sales started in October 2020, and you can apply online. To prove your residency, you will require one of the following IDs.

  • Missouri driver’s license
  • A valid Missouri ID
  • Latest Missouri motor vehicle registration
  • And the latest Missouri utility bill

To apply for this card, you need to follow these simple steps.

Complete the Physician Certification Form

When medical cannabis is newly legalized in a particular state, it usually takes years for the program to be effective. But the Missouri department of health has highlighted a few simple steps to follow when obtaining medical marijuana in the state.

The First thing you will require to do is schedule a consultation session with a cannabis doctor. The doctor needs to be licensed to recommend medical marijuana in the state. During the evaluation process, the doctor will ask you a few simple questions regarding your health. The aim is to ensure you are an ideal candidate for medical marijuana.

Mainly you will require a standard physician certification. But if you are looking for a higher monthly dosage, you will need to fill in the alternative doctor’s certification form. Minor will be required to fill in the parent/guardian form.

Register Online for the Program

You can register online through an online portal registry. The next step will be choosing the patient or caregiver application registration box. If you go off the main site, you will receive a warning. Then click yes to offer permissions, and you will be on the registry. Note that the Department of health only takes in applications sent through the registry.

Complete the Application Process

Make sure to apply for this card within 30 days of receiving the doctor’s recommendation. To complete the application, log in to the registry and click create an application and the new patient registration. The Department of Health will complete the application in 30 days and process forms to get them.

If you have not completed the form well, you will receive an email requesting corrections. You will be offered ten days to make corrections, or your application will be rejected. If approved, you will get an email with your medical marijuana ID, and you will have to print it out. This tends to be the only proof you require because the state does not offer physical IDs.

How Long it Takes to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Missouri

First, you must ensure that you are a resident of Missouri state to get a medical cannabis card. You will be required to book a consultation session and get approved. Once you have finished and submitted your application, the Department of Health and Senior Services will process your card in 30 days. But you might get the card In as little as two weeks.

The Renewal Process

You are advised to renew your card 60 days before it expires. And you should apply for the renewal at least 30 days before it expires. This will give the Department of health and senior services enough time to process. The renewal process takes approximately 20 minutes after you log into the website. Click on the registration tab, and you will be directed to the Missouri medical marijuana program registry portal. You will enter your username and password, then start the renewal process.

Final Thought

Above are the simple steps you need to follow to get a medical marijuana card Missouri. After legalization, it took almost two years for the sales to begin. However, the state is making up for the lost time because new dispensaries are opening practically every week. There is also a possibility that the state might legalize the use of recreational cannabis in November 2022, but this is just a possibility. But until then, you can apply for a medical cannabis card since the process is direct, affordable, and will protect you from any legal problems.

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