How to Become a Firefighter – Standing Out From the Competition

Firefighters have become very popular careers, most of the time, many of the available positions. In fact, many of the people aimed at becoming a firefighter discovered that they needed to look for their positions nationwide, and found that they could not move to distant cities.

Furthermore, we know a firefighter who tried three or four different times in different municipalities before being hired.

What this means is that you have to find a prominent method from the crowd to become a successful candidate. There is a certification that you can do to do this and you can get the dream job.

In fact, some experts say they need to have all or most of the following to get the badge.

  1. EMT certificate
  2. Emergency parameters license
  3. EMT experience in ambulance or hospital is either full -time or part -time. This is for most of the jurisdiction areas for firefighters to about 60 % of the calling for emergency medical services. Can you imagine your fire department hiring an EMT experience?
  4. CPR of professional rescuers (American red cross) or CPR healthcare provider.
  5. Firefighter 1 Academy Certificate and/or Firefighter 1 State certification.
  6. Specialized training certificates These are public education, fire prevention, fire surveys, automatic extraction, rescue systems, quick water rescue, and first respondents of dangerous goods.

Volunteer experience

In addition, it is good to have volunteer experience. Many counties and small municipalities use volunteer firefighters, which is a great way to gain experience. You can also contact the local fire department to check if you are using volunteers with abilities other than burning, such as management, training of dangerous goods, and preventing fire.

Bilingual ability

Currently, many jurisdictions prefer bilingual people. The most common second language is Spanish. But if your second language is like Russian, you will probably stand out by many other candidates.

Membership and affiliation

If you are serious about becoming a firefighter, don’t wait. We will start participating in the fire brigade. One of the good ways to do this is to participate in an organization that can teach what you need to be a firefighter and how to be excellent. This includes the following relevance:

-The State Firefighter Association

-The international relationship between arson surveyors

-National Fire Prevention Association

-EMTS National Association

Also, having an ambulance driver’s license is a good thing, and you need to have a beautiful driver’s license.

written examination

Of course, the best way to stand out as a firefighting candidate is to get a very high score in the written test. This test usually takes three and a half hours, is composed of more than 100 questions, and is often divided into seven different types.

  1. Recall, visualization, spatial questions.
  2. Questions about reading comprehension and verbal/listening
  3. Questions about basic mathematics and science understanding and application
  4. Questions about tools and equipment
  5. Questions about dealing with people
  6. Questions about machine devices
  7. Questions to test the judgment and reasoning

The only real way to get a high score in the written test is to get a book about firefighters and study it extensively. Some of these books are available on websites such as It is very cheap if you can’t settle down in a used copy. Experts on this theme say that if you are not difficult for this exam, you must study hard for an important final university test. In fact, you literally can’t spend too much time studying for this exam.

You can stand out from the crowd and you can beat that badge. You need hard work and preparation.

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