How to Choose a Surrogacy Agency

A surrogacy agency is a service that connects intended parents or parents-to-be with would-be surrogates. The intended parents hire the agency to find a surrogate who agrees to carry a child on their behalf. A surrogacy agency is where intended parents look for potential surrogate mothers. A surrogate mother is a woman who agrees to carry a child for another person. A surrogate mother can be either a gestational carrier or a traditional carrier. A gestational carrier is a woman who carries a child for 9 months and gives birth to the child. A traditional carrier is a woman who carries a child for 9 months but does not have a biological connection to her child. Intended parents contact a surrogacy agency to find a gestational carrier or a traditional carrier.

Book a surrogacy agency

When choosing a surrogacy agency, it’s important to be aware that these agencies specialize in many different areas, like surrogacy, IVF, egg donation, and adoption. Look for an agency that employs all professionals, particularly ones with medical and/or nursing backgrounds. This is crucial, as these organizations will be better equipped to handle medical complications.

Choose a Surrogate Mother

When choosing a surrogate mother, the choices seem endless. A surrogate mother is either an egg or sperm donation. A surrogate mother can also be someone who has an embryo already implanted in her womb. She can either carry that pregnancy to term or give the embryo to another couple. The surrogacy process becomes much more complicated in families with three, four, or more children.

Surrogate Agency Fees

Surrogacy agency fees vary in different countries and service crania. Sometimes these costs are different for different agencies even in the same city. If you are thinking to process in Europe then you might consider Greece and Ukraine. You may check feskov human reproduction group, the best surrogacy agency in Ukraine.

Surrogate Agency Match Programs

A surrogate agency match program is an online database of surrogates and intended parents. Intended parents create profiles with information about themselves and their health and genetic background, and search the profiles until finding the most suitable surrogate for them.

Agency Success Stories

The surrogacy process can be emotionally, physically, and financially draining. That’s why it’s important for those involved to have an experienced surrogate agency support their surrogacy journey.

Surrogate Agency Reviews

At, we make the process easy and efficient, offering the best in surrogacy agency reviews. Whether you are seeking a surrogate mother or an intended parent, we can help you find the ideal match.

Start the surrogacy process

Surrogacy is an arrangement under which a woman agrees to become pregnant and carry a baby for someone else. Surrogacy allows intended parents to have a baby that is not genetically related to them.

Choose a surrogacy clinic

There are many surrogacy clinics throughout the country, and online research is the best way to find a reputable clinic. It is important to choose a surrogacy clinic that meets your needs, and that is located in a surrogacy-friendly state. You can research surrogacy laws by state on the Assisted Reproductive Technology Advocacy Center’s website. It is important to find a clinic that places a priority on issues of patient safety.

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