How to draw a blue Jay

How to draw a blue Jay. Draw an excellent blue Jay with drawing instructions and a simple tutorial and step by step. Ideal for children and beginner artists! Blue Jays are backyard birds that are common in North America. You eat nuts, seeds, fruit, and insects. The scientific name of Blue Jay means “Blue to Crest Cat.” Blue Jays are one of the 40 types of Jays, which are called that because of their daring, loud, and enthusiastic nature. Most Jays live in North or South America, but some can be found in Europe or Asia. The Jays are big and loud and often follow other bird feed birds.

Blue Jays have long been part of popular culture. In certain legends, the animal is helped to create land by bringing dirt pieces. The African -American folklore sometimes painted Jay Bleu as an ignition collector at work for the devil and contributed to taking up the fire of hell. Blue Jays have often marked team mascots, including American baseball teams. Ace is the mascot of the Blue Jays de Toronto. Would you like to draw a noble Jay Bleu? These simple didactical -to -step -step didactics can show you how.

Most Jays live in North or South America, but some can be found in Europe or Asia. The Jays are big and loud and often follow other bird feed birds.

Drawing a Blue Jay

Step 1:

First, pull a circle. It will help you form the bird’s head.

Step 2:

Spread the curved lines on each side of the circle. It forms the bird’s neck.

Step 3:

Use several curved lines to sketch the triangular beak and drive the original circle. Draw a line in the middle of the beak to distinguish the upper and lower parts.

Step 4:

Draw a curved line from the top of the head. Connect it to the back of the head with some short and riding curves. It forms the feathered coat of arms.

Step 5:

Use a series of curved lines to sketch the wing directly under the neck. Note how the lines converge at a soft point at the top.

Step 6:

Expand a few long curved lines under the wing and double them. Let the synchronized parts hit in the middle and form the tail. Then sketch your stomach. Note the two forecasts near the tail. These are the upper parts of the legs. The texture of each leg with short lines.

Step 7:

Drake your blue Jay with his characteristic plumage. Draw three smaller circles for the eye, one in the other. If you then use short lines that meet the chaos, but the stains behind and in front of the eye and lines through the neck. Draw a series of broken lines through the wing and a few curved lines below. Buck in a curved line through the tail and text the belly with a series of short and connected lines.

Step 8:

How to draw a blue Jay

Tail strips with curved lines. Use additional curved lines to describe the feet and the tree branch.

Step 9:

How to draw a blue Jay

Color your blue, Jay. Your back is light blue, and your stomach is white.

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