How To Earn Cisco’s Firewall Specialist Certification

Security is a hot topic of today’s network and will continue for a long time. With that in mind, you need to consider adding Cisco Security Authentication to your resume and adding a firewall skills to your skill set.

This is a very jumping from CCNA to CCSP (Cisco Certified Security Professional), and Cisco has made it easier to manage its leap by adding specialized certifications. These certifications greatly improve both resumes and skill sets and function as an excellent Football for CCSP.

Currently, Cisco offers four VPN/security authentication. This is Cisco Firewall Specialist, Cisco IPS Specialist, Cisco VPN Specialist Cisco VPN/Security Sales Specialist. All WAN engineers regularly contact the Cisco Firewall, so first examine this popular certification. (And if you want to be a WAN engineer, you were able to learn something about the firewall!)

In the writing of this article (October 21, 2005), Cisco provides options to each of the two exams that need to pass this certification. In the first exam, you can take either 642-551 SND (Cisco Network Devices) or 642-501 Secur (Cisco IOS network protection). The last day to register for the Secur exam is December 19, 2005.

Either needs to answer questions about the appropriate use of Cisco Security Devices. How to configure the security of Cisco Switch and Router (Syslog Rogging, AAA, ACLS, and Router Services and Interfaces, etc.).

The second exam is 642-522 SNPA (protection of networks with PIX and ASA) and 642-521 CSPFA. These test topics include IPsec, NAT, firewall, AAA, and policy mapping. (As usual, you need to check the latest blue photo on the Cisco website. Click “Learning and Event” on the main page

The only prerequisite of this certification is that it is necessary to maintain valid CCNA certification.

As usual, gaining some practical experience is the best way to prepare for the Cisco exam. (Your employer will be a little upset if you practice the configuration with your pix, it is good to have a good lawyer.) There is an online rack rental service that includes Cisco Security Device in the pod.

Cisco certification is a great way to protect not only your career but also the network. The more you know, the greater your skills, the more valuable you are for your present and future employers. Use CCNA as a base and keep building skills!

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