How To Get Free Education In Finland

Finland’s educational attainment index has been in the top ten for 20 years. Indicating the smooth and steady growth of Finland’s education system. For example, despite the high ranking of famous American universities (Harvard, Stanford, etc.), the level of education in the United States is much lower than in Finland, because the quality of education in the United States is declining.

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Finland, on the other hand, is known for its democratic style, the multiplicity of teaching methods, and highly educated staff in all fields of education, which is why foreigners voluntarily enter Finnish universities to pursue prestigious European degrees. There are.

Education system Finland

Education in Finnish schools lasts for 10 years, and at the age of 16 graduates can continue their education in the gymnasium, go to university or look for a job.

Young people who decide to pursue higher education can choose between two directions: general education or technical, and 39 public and private universities are waiting for potential students. Admission to a Finnish university depends on proficiency. In order to enter the specific features, it is necessary to pass a design competition or interview. Higher education in Finland is free, subject to education in Finland or Sweden (also for foreigners), tuition is paid in English and costs between 3 4.3 and,000 12,000 per year.

The bachelor’s education lasts for 3-4.5 years, the student obtains a master’s degree in another 1-2 years, and for the degree of doctor of science, he pursues a doctorate (1-2 years). Finland welcomes foreigners in all areas of higher education, except the Higher Police Academy (only Finnish citizens study there).

The priority sectors for higher education in Finland are environment, biotechnology, and information technology, while foreign applicants also choose hospitality, tourism, energy, management, construction, and design. Education is provided in three languages ​​(depending on the chosen university and field of study), but those wishing to pursue higher education for free in Finland must learn Finnish or Swedish and provide a certificate of the appropriate language. Should.

Universities in Finland: Where to go for CIS youth.

Domestic universities provide training to foreign applicants in prestigious fields in the country’s educational institutions, including in Finnish, Swedish, and English:

1. Alto University (Helsinki) 

is a Finnish general education institution, comprising the Faculty of Economics, the University of the Arts and the University of Technology: the diversity of programs and the high level of education attract an astonishing number of young people here. Is. Those who want modern higher education. The university is known as the “House of Glass for Startups”, and experimental methods are encouraged to create projects here, making Alto University’s degree widely regarded as one of the world’s leading employers. ۔ Education is provided in Swedish and English, and 6 faculty train professionals in the fields of business, engineering, electrical engineering, chemical technology, natural sciences, architecture, and architecture. The cost of the study ranges from 12 to 15 thousand euros per year.

2. Turku University of Applied Sciences (Turku) 

pursues a hands-on approach to training qualified professionals in international business, health, arts, and information technology. The cost of training is 9000 euros per year.

3. Arcada University of Applied Sciences (Helsinki) 

offers undergraduate and postgraduate education in the fields of media, health, business, social work, etc. This Finnish university has a friendly atmosphere, and most professors are trainees. Teaching is professionally based. The study is also done in English and the cost of the undergraduate course is 000 6000 per year.

4. Haaga-Helia UAS (Helsinki) 

has the best business education programs in Finland. The university has a research center for the study of entrepreneurship. And the university administration is part of the Helsinki Business Department. The practical skills gained from studying at Haaga-Helia UAS are internationally recognized and the university’s excellent reputation attracts a large number of international students. The cost of the study is 8.5 thousand euros per year.

5. Helsinki Business School

 is a prestigious private business school in Finland that trains professionals in international business. As a partner of foreign universities (e.g., the British University of Northampton). Helsinki Business School actively pursues a policy of inter-university exchange, which allows students to acquire serious practical skills in different countries and Opportunities to acquire scientific information. In the world of Globalization, The cost of the study ranges from 9.4 to 34.6 thousand euros per year, depending on the undergraduate or postgraduate program, and the training is conducted in English only. Lectures are given by local professors and invited experts from universities of other countries.

In addition to these universities, foreign applicants can also apply to Häme University of Applied Sciences, Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences, or private UAS Helsinki Metropolia; These universities also hold prominent positions in the global academic rankings. Teaching and learning at each university are in close partnership with local businesses, government agencies, or creative organizations, so students here gain an impressive range of comprehensive higher education and practical skills.

Features of studying in Finnish universities

Young people in the post-Soviet region noted the characteristics of Finland’s higher education system, loyal to foreign applicants:

  • Free higher education is provided not only to Finnish citizens but also to foreign students, provided they have knowledge of Finnish or Swedish.
  • Each university has public and private scholarship programs. The participation of which helps to significantly reduce the cost of studying and living in Finland.
  • Advanced teaching and practical coursework is a serious signal of the confidence of international employers in Finnish university graduates.
  •  Good living conditions in Finland also apply to student campuses: equipped research centers, sports, and cultural institutions, and their own clinics and libraries operate here.
  • Accommodation for students is provided by a special department in each university. Which provides accommodation to students in hostels or for those who want a housing base in a particular city in Finland. Helps to do and terminate rental agreements.

In some cases, foreigners who have a residence permit in an EU country or who are studying in English until 2022 may apply for free tuition at a local university. University students in Finland also have many benefits for travel, accommodation, cultural events, etc.

Admission to the University of Finland: Details

Applicants from CIS countries are accepted into Finnish universities. In accordance with the rules of registration of students from countries outside the European Union:

Age requirements

The age and educational requirements of the applicants in Finland are similar to the Pakistani conditions. After graduating from high school, the young person receives a diploma. At the same time, the opportunity to enroll in a selected educational institution in exchange for a degree. Get it

Necessary documents

This includes the preparation and submission of necessary documents (passport, certificate, etc.). As well as provision of additional documents: Certificate of Proficiency in Finnish, Swedish, or English. Certificate of Solvency, Visa for Visit to Open Finland, etc.

Applicant requests

Upon registration, the foreign applicant requests the issuance of a student. Residence permit for the period of study from the relevant municipal authorities of Finland.

European-level higher education in Finland becomes the starting point for young people. In CIS countries to pursue an inspiring career in international business, science, and production. Those who want to study in Finland should better prepare for such a responsible endeavor: learn English, Swedish, or Finnish. Fill in the gaps in school knowledge, and for those studying abroad Consult. The heads of the migration agencies in detail.

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