How to get Free Fire Game Maps for Free

Bermuda was the only map available for the Free Fire Name game’s battle royale mode when it first launched. Purgatory and Kalahari, two more maps, have been launched since then. Despite the fact that they are all the same size, they are vastly different in almost every other way.


Bermuda is a tropical island with beautiful grasses and a number of islands that encircle it. The map itself has a variety of diverse areas, such as industries, residential complexes, a power plant, a shipyard, and a hangar, among others. This is the default map that everyone gets when they download the game, hence it’s one of the most popular.

Everything You Need to Know About Garena Free Fire, the Most Popular Mobile Battle Royale Game


This is the second map to be released, and it has a completely new layout. Purgatory is a large area of land split into three halves by a lengthy forking river. The northern section is the largest, including the most of the map’s locations, while the other two are rather tiny and provide strong fighting opportunities for players in the opening few minutes of the game. This map is available from 6 to 10 p.m. every day.


The newest addition to the map collection, including a big desert with a variety of unique and bizarre spots. Kalahari is one of the most chaotic maps, with several good weaponry dispersed across its many sections. It also features a variety of areas that may accommodate a variety of play types. Kalahari has it all, from close-quarters engagements with SMGs and shotguns to long-range clashes with sniper weapons. Along with Bermuda, this is one of the most popular maps.

Everything You Need to Know About Garena Free Fire, the Most Popular Mobile Battle Royale Game

How to Get Free Fire for PC and Play It

Despite the fact that Free Fire is a mobile game, the controls on this platform are lacking. Running about and shooting your opponents with a touchscreen is never the same as using a mouse and keyboard. Shooter games like Free Fire feel significantly better on PC due to the improved accuracy and control.

Fortunately, you can download and play Garena Free Fire on PC with only a few clicks using BlueStacks:

  • Download the most recent version of BlueStacks, our free Android emulator, from our website. Run the installation and wait for it to complete. The app player will automatically launch after you’ve finished.
  • Use the upper right text box on the BlueStacks Home Screen to search for Free Fire.
  • Install the game like you would any other mobile game on your phone by clicking on it in the search results.
  • Free Fire may be launched simply clicking on its icon in the home screen once it has been installed.
  • Garena Everything You Need to Know About Free Fire, the World’s Most Popular Mobile Battle Royale Game

You’ll gain access to the Keymapping Tool, which allows you to play Free Fire on PC with significantly better visuals and performance, exactly as you would on a standard PC third-person shooter. These tools will help you increase your accuracy, precision, and aim. Not to mention that it will improve your enjoyment of not only Free Fire but every other mobile game you install on BlueStacks.

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