Moving alone is a stressful activity whose success requires some organization. Indeed, for lack of budget, you can undertake to accomplish this task by yourself. To move alone, it is necessary to be picky on certain elements in order to facilitate the progress of this operation. Whether it is for sorting, packing, or loading your belongings, it is necessary to have an effective action plan.


It is more appropriate to move at a period well determined in advance for more flexibility. This allows you to book or order a moving company. As a result, it is possible to anticipate certain things before the move. This is the case of filing notices and carrying out administrative procedures.

In addition, planning a move in advance makes it possible to empty the stock of food in time without wasting it. Also, homeowners should remember to unplug the refrigerator well in advance. Measuring the furniture allows you not to be stubborn on the day of the deadline. Finally, you must have a list of objects not to forget.


Performing a move yourself is a long-term task. You have to prepare boxes and protective packaging materials to do this better. It is recognized by all that cardboard boxes make it possible to preserve trinkets and other delicate objects. However, the choice of boxes is made according to the size, the quality of the product, etc. Since you are alone in carrying out a move, it is, therefore, practical to choose them in medium format to facilitate transport. To avoid making mistakes, write down the contents of each box.

Another moving material to remember is tape. You must also bring covers for the protection of furniture and other furnishings.

You can also get protective packaging material online at reasonable prices from Britwrap. They have everything you require for your move or shipment and the necessary packaging material to ensure that you can complete any packaging project successfully.


Moving effects is the most difficult during a move. To accomplish this task, you need to use a utility vehicle. It can be a pickup truck or a van. The main thing is to estimate the weight of objects with a volume calculator; it is thanks to him that it is possible to know the size of the truck to rent for the move. There are several vehicle rental companies. The choice is made according to each utility and the number of m 3 of objects.


Making a move alone is an almost impossible mission. You will always need help from friends or anyone close to you who is willing to lend a hand. It’s time to transport everything after packing the boxes, carrying out the administrative procedures, and renting a one-way utility truck. For this, you have to mount a chain. This consists of moving the belongings from the place of departure by a group of friends to the place of arrival, where another group will simply unload them.

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