How to recover from a brain stroke?

Strokes have become quite common these days and this is only increasing in numbers because people live under a lot of stress and not only that – they also follow a very unhealthy lifestyle.

When it comes to brain stroke, once the treatment is done, one has to go through a brain stroke recovery process which is also very important. First of all, the doctors need to find out what kind of stroke has happened to find the course of treatment. One also needs to use brain-scanning devices to figure out whether a blockage or bleeding has happened. If that has happened then the blood clot needs to be removed immediately.

Recovery after a stroke

Days and weeks after a stroke there are quite a few biological processes in the brain that start happening. They happen spontaneously.

The major step that is needed in a recovery process is that the brain has to repair and restructure the damaged area. This is a procedure that is also called neuroplasty. This process gives the ability to the brain to learn, change, and to even re-learn. They change the connection of the brain cells in the brain and improve the strength of connection and also change the function of connections. Sometimes this surgery also involves the generations of new neurons.

Things to keep in mind here:

  • A healthy human brain always maintains connections which are used quite frequently to clean away the connections which are not used for a long period. It is just like a muscle and if one does not uses it enough then the cells start to weaken. Hence, the therapists encourage the patients to keep moving that impaired limb so that the brain connections do not get lost.
  • When one performs a task then they need to practice over and over again. Hence the same network of connections gets activated over and over again. Repeated activations can strengthen the connection and one can do that work more effectively. As a result, there is an improvement in the performance.
  • The rehabilitation exercises have to be specific to the function or the task that the patient actually wants to improve. If one wants to change the area of the brain that controls the arm then one has to keep doing practices that involve the arm. The same goes for the other organs of the body.
  • In order to enable the brain to change the repetition of tasks is needed as mentioned above. If one is under a professional stroke physiotherapist then they will also encourage the patients to practice them in a repeated manner. The more repetition one has each day the more the brain will quickly adopt it. Intense practice is the key here. One can start with a small number of tasks and then slowly increase it every day.

A stroke mainly happens in the brain where oxygen cannot circulate better and one needs to take immediate medical attention when that happens. Post-treatment the recovery process is also very crucial and one has to follow that.

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