How to Start a Blog or Niche Website And Make Money

In 2021, from the blocking and mandates, more people than when before, began to look for ways to earn money, working from home. In particular, many considered a blog an online business. The problem, however, was that many of them did not know how to make money from the blog. So how can this be done?

Continue to read, and I will take 3 steps that you need to take to become an online blogger.

Firstly, you need to find a suitable niche for work. You need to find a “hungry market”, people who are looking for information for reading and searching for products for purchase.

It should also be a niche that interests you because you will write many posts on the blog about this.

As soon as you find out what you are blogging, you need to create a blog. It is easy to do using all available blog software. You can even create a blog for free through platforms, such as Google bloggers’ own. The blogger has existed for many years and has been used by many successful bloggers, including me.

After you configure your blog, fill it with useful content, products for sale, and advertising at the site for additional income. Some bloggers earn thousands in this way, sell products on the Internet as branches, and earn money on PPC advertising.

As soon as you get enough pages, it’s time to sell your blog to get as many visitors as possible. And if your blog has a field for subscription by e-mail, you can stay in touch with everyone who is registered.

Marketing can be paid or can be made free of charge through social networks and catalogs of the article. When you first start, it is better to use free marketing, although you can go further and pay for it if you want and if you already have funds. Personally, I never paid for online advertising for any of my websites and blogs. Perhaps I leave the money on the well-known table, marketing in this way, but my online, the hassle over the years was good without it.

And these are 3 steps that you need to take. Select your niche, create a blog, join the partner network to find products for promotion, and sell your blog in many places to get thousands of visitors. Just make sure that you are marketing in the right places to get the right visitors.

So what are you waiting for?

Get your own blog, earned with money, tunes today.

About the author: Ruth Barringham – writer, author, blogger, and copywriter. It has been working on the Internet for more than 20 years and in her new e-book creates a profitable niche website for a month, she shows you, step by step how to create your own niche site or blog, and start earning money a month or less. All you need to know is squeezed into this small e-book, saturated with information in order to quickly get your blog on the Internet.

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