How to Succeed in GCSE Maths

Facing it, GCSE MATHS is not a popular theme for the majority of British students. Many students feel that they are boring, irrelevant or too difficult. As a mathematical home tourer, I experienced many of this opinion about GCSE mathematics. In addition, more than 120 students have won at least Grade C through the GCSE Mathematics Examination, supporting more than 120 students. We provided. So what is the secret of the success of GCSE mathematics? Before explaining in detail, I would like to outline the five important areas that first know that students are making mistakes. From now on, it becomes clear how to succeed with the theme.

Most # 1 Negative belief “I don’t understand the theme, so I will never

Removing restricted beliefs is one of the important areas for successful subjects. I counted the number of times I heard that the students never understand the algebra or triangular method. This is not just true. Many students ask difficult questions from the beginning. Keep in mind that the Chinese journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step. First, you will learn the step -by -step procedure, whatever your algebra, triangle, or what you have. This is a magic recipe that can be applied to solve the problem. From there, you can apply this to more difficult issues. If you progress and get the right question, you will find that your confidence will be improved.

Most # 2 I haven’t practiced enough “Sufficient practice does not decrease in performance”

Remember that GCSE mathematics is very similar to sports. Otherwise you need to practice. I understand that there are not many schools that allow students to bring GCSE math textbooks home. In this case, you must be responsible and get a library, mistakes, waterstone, and even GCSE mathematics textbooks from Amazon. You can usually get a good used book from Amazon for 10 pounds. Make sure there is an answer behind so that it is not used for fraud! The reason for that is that you can practice in the book and check the subsequent answers. We also strongly recommend that you practice questions and get a lot of past exam papers so that you can practice questions and get the feeling of what they are.

Most # 3 GCSE’s poor learning skills “The poor progress of the organization worsens”

This is a general research hint that can be applied to all subjects. Remember that you need to work out time effectively. Plan your week carefully. Workout when you can spend time in mathematics, English, science, etc. Therefore, for example, 8 hours a week can be assigned to mathematics. From these two hours, you can spend 3 hours to revise to past papers and 3 hours weak topics. Discipline is important here. You need to make a plan and stick to it. I do not claim “no work and no play”, but in the 11th year, the exam is approaching and I need to prepare for sacrifice.

If you have too many mistakes # 4 Topics, you will “fail if you ignore your weaknesses.”

After a while, I see many students who are too concentrated in strong topics. What is that point? In the exam, don’t forget to test a wide range of topics, including topics that are not so good. Therefore, you need to cover your weaknesses as many weak areas as possible to bring them to the same criteria as your stronger topic.

Most # 5 I didn’t get help “It looks stupid if you ask for help”

No one likes to admit that they need help, they feel that they are weak and exposed to insufficient. I claim that it shows the strength of personality. After all, do you want to improve your situation and get better? If you do not want a tutor, there is always an option because there is a GCSE math forum that can be used. If you are struggling with mathematics, a tutor is a very valuable resource. There are many housing tuition agencies there, but getting a younger modern teacher may be more attractive if the sound of the sound is meaningful.

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