How to Use a Pizza Cutter

A piece of culinary equipment called a pizza cutter is used to cut pizzas. It has handles and a circular blade to cut the pizza swiftly. A pizza cutter is now considered a kitchen tool that slices pizzas rather than a tool used to cut wallpaper.

 A pizza cutter is the most useful instrument for slicing pizza among the other tools available. It cuts your pizza neatly and preserves the toppings and cheese, giving the slices a nice look.

Types Of Pizza Cutters

1. Wheel pizza cutter

This cutter has a revolving wheel for cutting through the pizza’s diameter. When slicing a pizza, a user can rotate the blade in the desired direction. The wheel on a pizza cutter makes them incredibly practical and simple to store.

However, one should use this blade with care as it is prone to bending under strong pressure. You will need to handle the blades more carefully when cleaning them.

Compared to other pizza cutter cleaning methods, the cleaning procedure may also be a little more difficult.

2. Rocker pizza cutter

This cutter, also known as a mezzaluna (Italian for “half-moon”), has a long, curved blade that swings back and forth to cut pizza. The cleaning process is much easier because pizza toppings hardly ever stick to the blade.

Cutting Pizza With A Pizza Putter

Using the above pizza cutters, there are a few stages to follow, including:

  • To get evenly cut pizza pieces, position your pizza cutter in the middle of the pie.
  • Slices can be formed by moving the pizza cutter’s blade across the pie’s diameter while holding the handles. It is considerably simpler to cut slices across the diameter than to make them one at a time.
  • Make an x-shaped cut on the pizza so it can be sliced into perfectly sized slices by halving it vertically and horizontally.
  • Continue cutting the pizza this way until you have the required slices.

Other Uses Of A Pizza Cutter

A pizza cutter is a flexible kitchen equipment that can cut through the food you initially didn’t think it could. Here is another way to put the pizza cutter to use besides cutting pizza.

1. Use the cutter to cut tortilla strips

You can cut your tortilla into tiny strips that bake up beautifully for salad toppings with a pizza cutter.

2. Making marshmallow

You may create mini marshmallows by using a pizza cutter to chop them into tiny pieces.

3. Splitting grapes

When using a knife, cutting grapes in half can take some time. To save time, try using a pizza cutter to cut them.

4. Slicing quesadilla

You wouldn’t want to make a mess on your table by slicing through melty cheese with a knife, especially if you are entertaining guests. A quality pizza cutter at LilyCraft is a great choice because it won’t spread cheese strings everywhere.

How To Clean A Pizza Cutter

After cooking and eating your pizza, you must clear the dirt from the pizza cutter. You can get a good wash by cleaning it right away after usage. When food is left to sit on a cutter for a long time, it dries up and clings to it, making cleanup time-consuming.

Here’s what you should do to approach it:

  • Sponge or towel
  • Bowl
  • Dish detergent
  • Denture tablet
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