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Here’s How Using Subdomains are Useless for SEO

The domain is the most important part of the website, also known as the backbone of your website. However, if you are a part of the digital world and have been working on your website, you must have heard about the effect subdomains can have on the SEO of the website. It is a popular saying in the internet industry that subdomains are considere to be bad for search engine optimization and can cause harm for the website. To help you understand how subdomains are bad, this guide will provide you with relevant information.

What Is the Subdomain?

A subdomain is the subdivision of the domain and is known as the additional part of the domain. These are created to organize your website and navigate through the sections. Multiple domains can get created on the main domain as the work of the subdomain is to set up a webpage under the same name. The subdomain is also used to serve a group of users on your website. When we see it from the perspective of SEO, people usually don’t use subdomains for the websites because there is no need to use them. The usage of the subdomains is good, but having them in sites might not be good as they affect the SEO. Here are the reasons why using a subdomain is not a good idea for your website. Stockport SEO consultants suggest using subdomains to get the benefit your organization.

What Are the Benefits of Subdomains?

If you have hosted your blog on any different platform other than the website, then your might find it easier to set a subdomain on your website to host a blog. However, if you want to get benefit from SEO, subdomains might not be a good idea for you. The advantages of using subdomains are:

  • Subdomains help you use certain keywords in your website’s main URL. It allows you to make your URL heavy by displaying a keyword in your domain. 
  • Subdomains are ideal for ranking authority in a smaller to middle-sized market.  
  • The subdomains help you get more chances to appear in the search engines. 
  • Subdomains help you get full control over your content. 
  • You should consider using a subdomain if your content is all user-generated. 
  • The subdomain will work for you if your main site is not for inbound marketing and SEO.
  • When you are not trying to get the ranking potential for your main site, using a subdomain will be beneficial. 

Why Are Subdomains Useless for SEO?

  • If you see the eyes of the Google users, they believe that the websites with subdomains are not proper.
  • The subdomain on the website can make the URL of the site look bigger and more complex.
  • For the search engine optimisation, the subdomains may not yield your geolocation signal.
  • The subdomains represent your language and the region, which can confuse the audience.
  • The posts that are written in your regional language will not get enough traffic on the internet.
  • Using subdomains require you to create separate hosting accounts
  • The separate accounts for hosting subdomains will require you to pay more.
  • The websites with subdomains are seen as a different sites and will not drive the SEO benefit.
  • While using the website with a subdomain, you will need to post more content in order to get a PR.
  • Using subdomains on your website will not give you an identity on the search engine result page.

The Subdomain Will Not Benefit the Main Domain’s Authority

A wide number of people spend half of their time on the internet while reading blogs and scrolling through social media. This behaviour of internet users provides you with a great chance to promote yourself effectively on social media and other platforms. In order to do so, sharing external links might help, but the subdomain itself won’t help you get the pace you desire. Sharing the subdomain links will not affect the ratings of the parent’s site. To improve the rankings of the pages on the main site and link profile, the shared backlinks will help if you have an integrated site. If you are offering good content and getting more inbound links, then the subdomain will help you a lot. Get help from a professional digital marketing service provider to create better content and get high rankings in SEO.


After knowing about how using subdomains can affect your website SEO, you might be thinking about whether you should use subdomains on your website or not. Well, to grow your digital marketing business and get increase traffic on your site, SEO plays a big role. Using a subdomain on your website might not help you get the SEO benefit. If you want to use a subdomain, it will surely yield profit for your organisation. However, it is not beneficial for SEO. 

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