Is Negative Thinking Sapping Your Energy?

Volunteer somewhere, anywhere. You don’t have a job, you graduated from college. You are stuck. Where can I go? What can you do? No one wants you and you are not qualified. Identify your interests and start searching for those who are doing the job you want to do. Start knocking some doors and find a place to work for volunteers who may get experience and valuable advice from those who are doing what you want to do. This is very useful in many ways. It will build a connection, give your resume, make it possible to focus on others instead of your own problems, and decide whether you really want that job. It helps to do it.

Exercise. Are you sitting after school, after work or work, all day, or in front of the TV? If so, change that habit. I know it may be difficult at first. When I was experiencing my energy slump, I had to force me to leave home. I didn’t want to exercise because I was too tired. After returning home from a walk or running, I felt that I felt much lively. Even 10 minutes or 15 minutes on foot is lively. According to a 2008 Georgia University survey, people suffering from fatigue have increased their energy levels with regular movements. For me, regular exercise can help me to clean up my heart. It’s time to think about the problems that are bothering me and the steps needed to achieve things.

Look at your meal. Do you drink a lot of caffeine many times all day and drink it in the evening to keep waking up? How much sugar do you consume? These are all obvious, and most people, like adults, already know that caffeine and sugar affect us. Exhausts too much energy. We don’t want to do anything when our energy is discharged. When we are not productive, it is very easy to start negative thoughts and emotions. For many years, I heard that too much sugar and caffeine would be bad for us. But how many of us are you really consuming? please look. Write it down. Try to make some steps that you can stick.

7) Vitamins. Do you regularly take vitamins? When I went to a doctor in January for my annual exam, my doctor told me that it was really important to get enough vitamin D and vitamin B during my meal. I bought vitamins, but I didn’t take them -they always gave me stomach pain. When my energy began to fall, I decided to listen to the doctor and started taking vitamins. I also cut out caffeine, sugar, and some dairy products that seem to be dull. I started to have more energy, got off the sofa and gave me extra pushes I needed to focus on postponed projects. I started working on these projects because of my confidence and the negative ideas I had about myself began to decrease.

Please ask for help. If you really feel that your life is worth living, as you are stuck incredibly, ask for help. Almost all US communities have resources to help you live. If you need to talk to someone, immediately call the nationwide suicide hotline with a 1-800-273 talk.

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