Is Negative Thinking Sapping Your Energy?

From the end of spring to early summer, I had some big projects I wanted to work on, but somehow I noticed that there was no energy to concentrate on them. I couldn’t move forward, so I probably spent about three months accused myself. Every time I thought about these projects, I experienced a feeling of failure and started filling my head with a negative message. I am a very loser. My life is a failure. I have no energy. Why can’t I accomplish this? What is wrong with me? If I could do this, my life would be very good!

When my energy fell, I wasn’t asleep much more than usual, so I couldn’t sleep much faster than usual, and I didn’t regain my energy, but I noticed that I slept much faster than usual. rice field. I took a few weeks off from work, hoping to recover my energy, but it didn’t work. At one point, I forgot how important my thinking was. I seemed to be trapped in a negative thinking cycle.

What pulled out me? The question from the reader who felt like his life at the age of 21 was over. It was very easy to see that this person was consumed with negative thinking and that negative thoughts were incredibly energy discharge. Think about it for a moment. When you feel a great idea, you will be filled with incredible excitement and energy and you will take action. When your thoughts are filled with fate and darkness, the only thing you promote is darkness and depression. Nothing is good. I can’t feel anything right.

So how do you get out of that negative state?

1) Find a good thing to concentrate on your life every day. This may seem like a really difficult job when you graduate from college, find a job, your boyfriend abandoned you, and your parents do not help you with your expenses. Maybe. “Good” is as easy as the sun shines and warms the bones. You have a free library card that can access your computer, so you can hunt. A phone call to talk to others.

2) Be aware that you are not the first, not the end of your experience. Some people have experienced exactly the same thing as you have experienced, but worse, they pulled out themselves and much more than their experience.

3) Find a roll model that stimulates you. Who has the ideal life you want to have? How did they arrive there? How much time and effort did you spend as a result of the achievements of them? What can you learn from them?

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