Make Customers and Staff Feel Secure in Your Workplace

The last thing you want as a business owner is having both customers and staff not feeling secure in your place of work.

That said, do you feel as if you’ve got all your bases when it comes to having a safe and secure workplace?

In the event your workplace is not as safe and secure as it needs to be, what action do you plan to take?

It is important to remember that one serious security issue or injury while on the job can have a big negative impact on you and your company.

So. is it time to make customers and staff feel better when under your roof or whatever your workplace looks and feels like?

Don’t Take Chances You Could Live to Regret

As you go about assessing the security of your workplace, here are a few things to key in on:

  1. Safe from outside threats – You want to be sure your workplace no matter the type of design it is will be as safe as can be from outside threats. For example, how secure are things such as doors and windows? Do you have an alarm system in place? Have you put security cameras up? Do you make it so all people coming into your workplace must have a photo I.D.? These are but a few of the things to consider if not already doing so. While someone quite determined to get in with bad intentions might be able to do so, make it as hard as possible for them in the meantime.
  1. Securing possessions inside – You never want to overlook the importance of securing possessions inside your workplace. That said, do your best to have the proper locks in place. For instance, if you run a fitness center or similar type of operation, members will need to put their belongings somewhere that they do not have with them while exercising. So, you want to have top-notch locker locks in place. Those locks will give you and your members some peace of mind. Also think about adding security cameras inside your business if you’ve not done so up to now. While such cameras are good outside the business to track who comes and goes, they can be equally effective inside too.
  1. Don’t set people up for potential accidents on your property – Finally, you also want to be sure you’re not setting both customers and staff up for potential accidents inside the business. So, be sure things such as carpeting, hardwood floors, items hanging on the wall or sitting on shelves and more are not an accident waiting to happen. Also be sure that you do not set the stage inside for potential fires, electrical or water issues and so on. While some things do happen despite the best laid plans, other things are of course preventable. At the end of the day, it often comes down to using some good old-fashioned commonsense to make things safer and more secure.

In owning and operating your business, how good do you feel about the workplace conditions you have in front of you?

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