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Medilink vs. Experity EMR – Features, Pricing, and More

Medilink vs. Experity – Overview

About Medilink EMR

MediLinks EMR Software not only assists health care professionals but also makes it simple for the general public to better manage their health. Anyone can gather and access their medical records, prescription medications, and lab results using this cloud-based EMR system. This is useful in general, but it is critical in an emergency when a user or a health doctor who is unfamiliar with the client must provide care. Everything in the user’s historical record is accessible right away.

About Experity EMR

Experity is a cloud-based digital medical record, healthcare billing, and practice management software intended for all types and specialties of on-demand care providers. Client queuing and digital scheduling, e-prescribing, transaction processing, source code automation, lab incorporation, and SMS messaging are all supported by Experity EMR. The vendor can be used on both a desktop and a mobile device. It also includes charting and clinical processes from the time a patient is registered until they are discharged.

Top Experity EHR Features

Client Engagement Management

Experity EMR features patient satisfaction enhancements and works in tandem with patient engagement capabilities. You should consider digital registration and wait time clarity if you haven’t already. Clients can finish registration before they show up at the clinic using these patient-centric toolkits. Then, in the clinic, install a simple check-in kiosk and a queue display in the booth that displays patient orders. Add in text-based appointment reminders, wait-time notifications, and secure notifications about the accessibility of lab results, and you’ve created a system that not only engages but also builds relationships with your patients.

Integrated Practice Management System

In theory, EMR and practice management systems should help professionals reduce their workload. They do so in order to spend quality time with patients. That is exactly what EMR guarantees to its clients. These are facts, not just words. This vendor claims to simplify clinical operations, according to dozens of testimonials. Furthermore, its flashy solutions are worthless if they aren’t dependable.

The vendor improves practice efficiency by allowing you to concentrate on the procedures that matter. Experity is a powerful medical solution because of this. Its numerous features simplify the overall workflow and improve the accuracy of the final results. All of this is accomplished by the system’s database automation. As a result, all clinical procedures, from patient registration to payment clearance, run smoothly.

Appointment Scheduling

With multi-provider, multi-location scheduling capabilities, you can schedule consultations for all suppliers and procedure rooms. Look up existing consultations, send electronic appointment reminders to patients, and allow patients to accept, reschedule, or cancel appointments.

Top Medilink EHR Features


Simply put, interoperability refers to the ability to share information across a healthcare system. This feature was developed with the goal of bringing together healthcare professionals. It also allows doctors to share data with large-scale organizations all over the world in order to provide the best possible care. This service is offered through Medilinks EHR, which is worth noting. You’ll have a secret weapon up the sleeve that enables you to consult experts from all over the world through a secure UI without compromising client privacy. Interoperability services aren’t just for doctors; they can help your patients as well.

Integrated RCM

You can do so on a routine basis with Medilinks EHR without jeopardizing therapeutic performance. It also implies that you will be able to effectively handle your revenue by acquiring influential revenue management services. It’s worth mentioning that the Medilinks EHR demo focuses on revenue generation rather than bill generation. To put it another way, it is in charge of payment processing, not just bill processing. The vendor will file claims, process them, verify their qualifications, and then send them to the insurers.

Tools to Improve Communication

It strengthens the patient-physician relationship by including meaningful face-to-face interactions. Doctors don’t have to be glued to their computers to keep track of their patient’s records. They may devote all of their attention to the patients, listening to what they have to say about their treatment progress and other issues.

Experity EHR Reviews

The majority of users have nothing but positive things to say about this fully customizable solution. Customers’ objective opinions, on the other hand, point to the platform’s limitations. The advantages and disadvantages of using this EMR with an insightful layout are listed below.


  • The software is simple to use and provides clinical staff with online training. Its services are straightforward.
  • The self-service portal is extremely beneficial. It perfectly adds meaning to medical procedures.
  • Its user-friendly nature and advanced business analytics are extremely useful; when used together, these two factors work wonders.
  • If users have any problems, they can easily contact their support staff. In addition, the customer service desk is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • Experity can handle payments from various entities, such as insurance, patients, and so on, in a variety of ways, which can be confusing for users.
  • During upgrades, the software does not slow down and takes a long time. This has an impact on clinical procedures.

Medilinks EHR Reviews – Pros and Cons

To make reporting easier, there are a variety of reporting tools available. It has features that are useful for electronic documentation. The software is simple to use and has a simple user interface. They also hold weekly meetings to help their users achieve better results. Customer service at Medilinks is unresponsive. They do not provide prompt responses to user inquiries. Users also can’t send messages to multiple people at the same time.

Medilinks EHR Pricing vs. Experity EHR Pricing

The one-time payment for Medilink starts at $950.00 per user. A free version is available. There is no free trial offered by Medilink. Experity EHR pricing, on the other hand, is not publicly provided. To know Experity EHR pricing, you can schedule an Experity EHR demo. 

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