Miro Pricing vs Monday Pricing: A Cost Analysis of Two PM Software

Project management tools are gaining prominence for all the right reasons. They help companies in managing and keeping a track of all the tasks and the entire workforce. This article provides a detailed comparison between Monday pricing and Miro pricing. It compares both tools on the basis of their, features, demos, prices, and reviews.  

What is Miro Software?  

Miro project management tool is a cloud-based platform. It helps small and mid-sized organizations to collaborate. The program provides a digital whiteboard that can be utilized for brainstorming, customer journey, and user story mapping. Additionally, it offers wireframing and a variety of other collaborative tasks as well.  

Miro Software Key Features  

Project Management  

The software allows you to effortlessly manage complicated projects and the people involved. It provides you with a collaborative online whiteboard to establish process alignment and mutual understanding between cross-functional teams. Adding to that, this feature helps you to meet project milestones by keeping a track of the tasks and the progress report of the team members.  


The all-in-one diagram of the Miro software saves you the trouble of shifting between collaboration and diagramming applications. The program automates all the necessary steps of your diagramming process. Additionally, you can finish all the essential steps of your diagramming process on the Micro boards including:  

Organizing alignment meetings, brainstorming, and making action plans.  

Strategy & Planning  

The program allows you to promote the execution of your plans from strategy onward. You can plan interesting online meetings, create eye-catching presentations, and work together to manage and monitor progress. Adding to that, it allows you to organize sessions for strategic planning.  

Miro Pricing  

Miro offers 4 different packages for different users as per their requirements. The following are the four Miro pricing plans offered by the company:  

  1. Free  

This package is free of cost. It provides access to unlimited members and is best suited for people who are just getting started with the software. It includes the following features:  

3 editable boards, premade templates, core integrations, and basic attention management.  

  • Starter  

The package costs $10 per member monthly. However, there is currently a 20% discount if you opt for the annual plan which includes the same features as well. The program offers you the following:  

Unlimited visitors/editable boards, project folders, private boards, high-resolution export, and much more.  

  • Business  

The plan costs $20 per member a month. However, there is currently a 20% discount if you opt for the annual plan which includes the same features. The plan includes all of the features offered in the Starter pack and also:  

Miro Smart Diagramming/Meetings, unlimited guests, flexible payment options, and much more.  

  • Enterprise  

There is no pricing quotation given for this package on the company’s website. You need to contact the sales team of the company to get a quotation. It offers all of the features included in the Business plan, and also the following:  

SIEM (Splunk) integrations, data governance, flexible licensing, and much more.  

Miro Demo  

Users have the option to view the demo of the software on the company’s website. This gives potential customers an opportunity to get in-depth knowledge about the software. It allows users to get familiar with the interface to enable them to make a better buying decision beforehand.  

Miro Review  

The software has a ranking of 4.71 out of 5 stars on software advice. The top reasons for the positive rating include:  

Features, affordability, user-friendliness, and customer support.  

What is software?  

Monday software assists teams in managing a variety of marketing projects through its graphical and collaborative approach. The application syncs all data into a sing, accessible dashboard as a cloud-based platform. This prevents manual entry errors. Thereby, the team members can make crucial decisions collectively, remember key information, and finish projects on schedule. Key Features  


The software allows you to establish milestones for your project to gauge work progress. Adding to that, the program proves a dashboard with diamond icons to detect milestones.  


Monday software offers users to gain access information from a single spot. You can use widgets to populate the dashboard with important data.  

Gantt Charts  

The application allows you to track timelines, milestones, deadlines, and dependencies all in one location. The Gantt charts can be created using spreadsheets to improve visualization.  

Kanban Board  

You can edit card information on the Kanban board, such as discussion threads and descriptions. This keeps everyone in the loop. The program also allows you to organize the board in accordance with the project workflow for the company.  

Task Management  

Design unique task workflows to enhance company processes with this feature of the application. It also allows you to sort occupations by category, date, or function. Pricing  

There are 5 different Monday pricing plans available on the website as per the user needs. The following are the packages:  

  1. Individual 

This package is free for everyone. However, it has a capacity of up to 2 users. The plan works best for those individuals who want to keep track of their work. It includes the following features:  

3 boards, unlimited docs, 200+ templates, over 20 column types, and more.  

  • Basic  

The basic package costs $8 per seat a month. So, the average monthly pricing of the package is $24 a month on an annual basis. It offers the following:  

Unlimited items/free viewers, 5 GB file storage, prioritized customer support, and more.  

  • Standard  

The plan costs $10 per seat a month. So, the average monthly pricing of the package is $30 a month on an annual basis. It offers the following:  

Calendar view, guest access, timeline & Gantt views, and more.  

  • Pro  

The package costs $16 per seat a month. So, the average monthly pricing of the package is $48 a month on an annual basis. It includes the following features:  

Chart view, time tracking, formula/dependency column, and more.  

  • Enterprise  

No pricing quotation is available on the website for this package. You have to get in touch with the sales team to get a quotation. It includes the following:  

Tailored onboarding, multi-level permissions, enterprise-scale automation & integrations, and more.  

Monday Demo  

You can request the software for a demo in case you still have more queries and doubts. The demo option gives a clearer picture of how the software works. It helps the potential customer to decide whether to buy the software or not. Review  

The software has an overall rating of 4.58 out of 5 stars. The top reasons for the positive rating are:  

Affordability, simplicity, features, and customer support. 

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