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Netsmart vs Practice Velocity: Which EMR is Worth Your Time?

Netsmart and Practice Velocity EHR are two electronic medical records and practice management software. Both have distinct major features, pricing, and demonstrations. So how can you know which is best for your practice? This article will compare Netsmart vs Practice Velocity in this article. It will help you make an informed decision about which software is better for you. 

Netsmart’s healthcare-focused technologies support doctors, nurses, technicians, caseworkers, and administrators.  It assists physicians and therapists in keeping track of patient health records.  They can also use it to manage caseloads for patients who use public health services. Because it is cloud-based, it has low system requirements, which allows it to be agile. It also features Android and Windows implementations for mental health sector users. 

Practice Velocity is a market leader in web-based solutions for urgent care facilities. Dr. Jon Schrock, an emergency care physician, launched the firm in 2002. Practice Velocity is an all-in-one solution that covers EMR, practice management, and billing. It also incorporates coding, scheduling, and reporting. 

Netsmart EMR  

Key Features 

Improved Patient Care 

Netsmart care coordination software has the features you need to provide value-based care. It makes patient-centered care possible. With secure data transmission, advanced technology allows you to track services. You can also manage treatments for individuals across care settings. Moreover, it lets you decrease duplicate services and streamline care transitions. 

Population Health Management  

The Netsmart population health management platform allows you to collect data. From many providers to enhance care quality in the communities you serve. You can optimize compensation via share-risk payment arrangements. You can also reduce costs and improve outcomes. It provides real-time clinical and operational data insights. It is the most comprehensive collection of population health management tools. 

Consumer Engagement  

Patients can access Netsmart’s web-based and app-based patient engagement solutions. Through a seamless interaction with the EHR, the app provides customers with simple access to their health records. Electronic appointment scheduling, reminders, notifications, and test results reduce call volumes. You can also increase appointment attendance and prescription adherence. 

Netsmart EHR Pricing  

You can contact their sales team to get complete details about the Netsmart EHR pricing. The program’s cost is proportional to the size of your practice.  

Netsmart EMR Demo 

The demo will give you a good idea of Netsmart before you subscribe. You can schedule the demo via the Netsmart website. It will help you see the Netsmart software in action. 

Netsmart EHR Reviews  

The Netsmart reviews show that it has a comprehensive feature set. Users can change current forms or create new ones. The solution includes both outpatient and inpatient tools. Sometimes it needs extensive maintenance by IT staff. The system slows down at times.  

Practice Velocity EHR  

Key Features 

Appointment Scheduling  

You can schedule appointments for all providers and procedure rooms. It has multi-provider, multi-location scheduling features. You can also look up existing appointments and send automatic appointment reminders to patients. Moreover, you can present choices for accepting, rescheduling, or canceling an appointment. 

Patient Engagement  

Practice Velocity patient engagement software assists you in reducing wait times. It can also help reduce front-desk work and clinical administration tasks. It is also helpful in increasing patient involvement. Patients can use it to book a spot online and complete the whole registration procedure beforehand. It can reduce the wait time for patients by 80%.  


Teleradiology to assist physicians in managing their radiology workflow. It includes a patient portal where individuals can view their health information.  NIOSH-certified B Readers on staff guarantee that chest x-rays are read. You can also get occupational exposure findings for your OccMed clients fast. 

Transcription Tool 

Transcription services are available through Practice Velocity’s EMR software. It assists physicians in transcribing their patient contacts. It also includes a patient portal where individuals can view their health information. They can also use it to contact their doctors. 

Practice Management  

EMR software from Practice Velocity provides practice management features to help clinics. It also includes a patient portal where individuals can view their health information. Moreover, physicians can prescribe medication to their patients after checking their history.  

Practice Velocity EHR Pricing  

Practice Velocity costs $199 per month to use. This includes software access, support, and updates. There is also a $999 one-time setup cost. Users can put on the optional Scheduling Module for an extra $99 per month. 

Practice Velocity EMR Demo 

The website includes a Practice Velocity demo. This provides prospective users with a tour of the software and its features. A free trial is also available for users who want to test the system.  

Practice Velocity EHR Reviews 

Practice Velocity receives good feedback. Users like how simple the program is to use. It even includes all of the functionality they want for their practice. Some users have expressed dissatisfaction with customer support and the scheduling function.  

Final Remarks 

Netsmart is an ARRA-Certified EHR system that meets the demands of medical offices. It incorporates a Windows-based model into an intuitive solution. This software is flexible and has a simple functionality. The software solution is ideal for medical practices of all sizes. Moreover, it supports different specialties. You can use it for case management, vaccines, and infectious illnesses. Moreover, it also supports family and child health services, etc. 

Practice Velocity is a Health IT solution with practice management features. It offers urgent care electronic medical record software. The software aims to provide support for small to medium-sized medical clinics. It is also helpful for individual practitioners. Practice Velocity meets the demands of urgent care clinics. Because it is cloud-based, users can access the program anytime and from any location. 

To summarize, Netsmart is reliable for individuals needing an EMR system. It is simple to use and has several functions. Although, it can be too costly for some procedures. Practice Velocity is a good and less expensive option. It also offers other functions that will be useful for practice.  

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