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Pesticon on Pest Control in Toronto for Handling Usual Pests

You may often wonder how to handle common household pests that keep infesting your home. Yes, pests never quit infesting properties when they find the necessary resources on them to survive. Usually, pests infest residential and commercial spaces in search of food, water, and shelter. Many pests that you may see in your home have also lived for thousands of years, like rodents and roaches. We need to find ways to get rid of pests from our homes to live a peaceful life. Further, there are some methods for homeowners that Pesticon on pest control in Toronto suggests.

Besides, Pesticon is one of the prestigious pest control services in Toronto that successfully exterminates pests from properties. It has been offering residential and commercial pest control services for a long time. For the same reason, it has a phenomenal rating as a pest control service, specifically for residential spaces. We are also going to share in this post what Pesticon recommends to homeowners to deal with common pests.

How to Deal with Common Pests, According to Pesticon 

Seeing pests in your home can frustrate you. It is also a common thing for households to react this way when they see pests. Nonetheless, most people want to exterminate pests from properties humanely once they find them in their homes. The most common pests you can find in your homes in Toronto are rodents, spiders, ants, etc. Nevertheless, there are ways to deal with common household pests. Let us discuss what Pesticon has recommended for dealing with common household pests:

How to Deal with Rodents: 

Rodents are problematic pests for homeowners and business owners to deal with. The best way to tackle a rodent infestation is to prevent your home from rodents, such as mice and rats. Make sure, you don’t try using glue traps to deal with a rodent infestation because they are dangerous to use. 

Instead of glue traps, choose deterrents, repellents, and exclusion strategies to evade rodents. It is also important for homeowners to make their buildings rodent-proof while sealing the holes or gaps in their homes. Besides, steel wool is great for filling cracks and holes because mice cannot bite through it. You should also trim the grass and vegetation on your property & store grills and BBQs far away from your building. It will also aid you in preventing rodents from infesting your home.  

How to Deal with Spiders: 

Spiders are considered beneficial pests; nonetheless, you may not want to see them in your home. You should thoroughly clean your house to get rid of spiders. You can get rid of dead spiders, their webs, eggs, and younglings perfectly via a vacuum cleaner. Also, reduce the risk of contact with spiders by sealing off potential spiders harbouring spots in garages & basements.

How to Deal with Ants: 

Pesticon on pest control in Toronto suggests homeowners to avoid using toxic chemicals against ants. There are different methods for homeowners to deal with the ant infestation. Here they are:

  1. Keep Your Home Clean: A kitchen is the most important place you need to clean to avert pests like ants and roaches. Use vinegar & water as your cleansing solution for countertops, floors, and cabinets. Tightly seal your waste bins and food, embracing pet food. Plus, don’t let crumbs or rubbish lying around on your property to avert ants.
  1. Maintain Your Garden & Backyard: Trim back the vegetation in your garden, and also remove any furniture & debris near the house. Also, store objects away that can attract moisture, like flower pots from your garden and backyard. 
  1. Use Natural Repellents: Repellents made from natural ingredients can keep ants away. For example, placing cinnamon sticks, coffee grounds, chilli peppers, peppermint leaves, etc., near openings can thwart ants. Or, plant mint around the foundation of your home to keep ants away from it. 
  1. Use Essential Oils: Using essential oils, such as citrus oils, as a spray can aid in ant control to tackle areas at risk on a property.
  1. Use Baby Talcum Powder: Use baby powder to repel ants naturally because ants dislike its texture for some reason.
  1. Block All Entry Points: You should block all the entry points for ants first to successfully prevent the ant infestation in your home. Use caulk to seal up all possible entry points and deploy weather-stripping under the doors.


Pests are a nuisance to see on your property; nonetheless, household pests keep infesting homes. You can deal with common household pests on your property if you give ear to what Pesticon on pest control in Toronto recommends to homeowners. Here is what it recommends:

  1. The best way to deal with a rodent infestation is to prevent rodents from infesting it.
  2. Thoroughly clean your house to get rid of the spiders from your home.
  3. Maintain cleanliness in your home, in addition to the backyard & gardens, to keep ants away from your property. Also, block possible entry points for ants and use natural repellents to deter ants.

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