Protect Your Site From Google Updates with Netherlands Dedicated Server


Google algorithms are very important to keep in mind when you open a website or change anything in it. They change frequently and if Google finds something that does not fulfill its requirements then your website gets affected badly.

In order to keep your website safe from penalization by Google, you can host your website on Netherland Dedicated Hosting. As it provides great page load speed and improves the performance of the websites and these count in good user experience website measures by google. To improve the effectiveness of your content the Netherlands Dedicated Server comes with multiple features. You can choose these features to improve the performance of your application and website by managing the traffic and modifying the server according to your needs.

Before jumping into the price, plans, and benefits, first, let’s first understand a google algorithm then we will discuss dedicated hostings.

Google Algorithms – What Are They?

Google search engine is a system that is helping you by providing instantaneous results for a quarry and easily retrieving your data. The search engine uses algorithms and various ranking factors in order to deliver the relevant search queries that the user is asking for.

Google updates its algorithms frequently and some of them make great changes in the ranking factor of the website. It is so subtle that most of these updates don’t even register. Occasionally, the search engine makes significant algorithmic changes to its ranking system that impact SERPs a great deal. Google algorithms mainly depend on the user experience hence, you should have a website that is user-friendly.

How Can Google Algorithm Updates Affect Your Site?

Google Updates

There are several ways to prepare your website for core updates. Just be on the right to keep looking for new updates. When an upcoming core update is announced by Google, the purpose will usually be revealed.

If you know this, you can tweak your website’s SEO accordingly so that it aligns properly with the upcoming core update. Even though Google announces most of its core updates, it does not announce them all. To prepare your website for them, you cannot rely only on announcements.

You may have noticed that your website pages rose or fell in Google Search after Google released a Core Update. Search engine results pages (SERPs) can be affected by these changes, regardless of the industry or language.

One of the main factors that Google mainly focuses on is page load speed for a better user experience. You can easily optimize and analyze your page speed with a page speed tool. Updates specifically deal with the Loading Speed and Performance of your website on the Desktop and mobile too.

In order to have a good page load speed and user-friendly performance, You can buy the Netherlands Dedicated Server plans that provide an isolated environment for your website. Using it will enhance the performance of your website and increase the page load speed. This makes it a perfect choice if you are looking for consistent growth and improvement.

Features of Dedicated Server Hosting Netherlands to Protect Your Site from Penalizing

Netherlands Dedicated Hosting comes with multiple benefits to support your website and improve its SEO ranking in order to protect from Google core updates. Some of the features are as follows.

Maximizes the Page Load Speed

We all know how much load speed matters for a good user experience. If your website doesn’t provide good speed then it directly increases the bounce rate as your users will leave your site quickly. At high traffic times, shared server downfalls and slower page load speed. Therefore getting a Netherlands Dedicated Server that helps in stabilizing and increasing the page load speed of any site would be the perfect option for your web page. With a good page load speed performance Google will consider your website in good UX. If Google changes its algorithms you will not see any changes to your site.

Maximum Bandwidth

Netherlands Dedicated Server provides a maximum bandwidth option that helps in improvising the performance of the site. As with higher bandwidth, your site’s page load speed does not get downfall as it makes it easier to communicate between the web server and browser. This eventually makes your website good in the eyes of Google.

Great Security

Dedicated Server Hosting Netherlands offers you the best security measures that protect your site from DDoS attacks and viruses. It layers up the security layer and protects your site to the maximum level. Netherlands Dedicated Hosting comes with HTTPS protocol and because of it Google and Users find your website more secure. As this protocol indicates that their personal financial data is secure with your site.

Who is the Best Provider of Dedicated Hosting in Netherlands?

Dedicated Hosting in Netherlands

In order to have the best services for a Netherlands Dedicated Server, it is essential to examine the hosting features. That’s when you can finalize if the hosting is good or not as it also impacts your website rankings when Google updates its algorithms. Therefore Hostbillo offers its Best Web Hosting Services in Netherlands that include all the features that are written above at an affordable price. And also includes some of the following features that are beneficial for your website.

  • Hostingbillo’s Netherlands Dedicated Server provides a 99.90% uptime guarantee so that your server is always online.
  • You also get powerful hardware and an updated operating system with its dedicated hosting services.
  • It provides a free SSL certificate and admin access to the user by which they can customize the server setting on their own.
  • Also, its Dedicated Server Netherlands is compatible with any programming language.

Hostbillo’s Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands Plans

A Cheap Dedicated Server Netherlands comes with many affordable plans to improve your website’s performance and page load speed.  You can see Hostbillo offers a wide range of plans and packages that can fit your budget and are reliable to your website needs.


Netherlands Dedicated Server could be a good hosting solution if you are looking for reliable hosting that keeps up with the Google updates. It gives you complete control, good server speed, page load speed, maximum bandwidth, and many more. Therefore, you can get the Hostbillo’s Dedicated Server Netherlands plans that are easy to use and handles your website very well when Google updates its algorithms.

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