SAP Certification – What it Takes

SAP is an industry -leading ERP software, and it is very desirable to be recognized as a consultant or associate. This article investigates facts about SAP certification and provides a clear photo of what it includes and what you get.

What is certification?

Many formats have certified (vendor certification, product certification, etc.) explain in detail the consultant (currently divided into associates and professionals) for the purpose of this article.

Recommended test topics

Each test that is conducted has a recommended topic for weight loss. You can get it here. You can also find test patterns (questions, weight, time, etc.), places, requirements, etc. at this place.

Where do you take the test

You can take the test at any of the certified test center (Pearson Vue, Prometric, etc.). For more information, please access the education website for each country. If you apply for Pearson, you will need an ID (called S-ID). You can call sap and seek the same thing. If you are in the United States, you will be dispatched to you in a Katatsum Remail from Germany within a few days. You can use this number to apply with Pearson.

Which test should I take?

SAP offers a simple certified viewfinder tool (provided at the bottom), and can filter examinations based on many criteria, such as the products, authentication types, and solution types. If you are already training in the academy, they will guide you. Otherwise, you can call the educational service to check the details.

Obtaining a SAP test may be very difficult in one place. You need to feed in the forum. Alternatively, click the link above to find a sample question.


It takes (about $ 500) to get a certified cost. If you are using ERP for the first time, add training costs, travel expenses (to academy), hotel costs, etc. In fact, after the last three years, the Academy has already had a new e -learning training program. Remote training can be performed. This will significantly reduce costs (about 50 % of training in actual classrooms). If you are already working in the United States, there is a way to avoid going to training without showing your practical experience. In countries like India, it is essential to be qualified for examinations under the training of the Academy (exempted from this requirement if you show related job experience).

Type of SAP authentication

There are two types of tests in the third test.

  1. Associate
  2. Professional

Experts are more advanced in two. All of these examinations are held in the latest product version, and the old style certificate keeps its value according to the validity.

Caution words

Do not consider SAP authentication as a license to be rich. Despite its merit, nothing wins

  1. High quality training
  2. Project experience.

Employers usually examine a combination of extensive project experience, introduction, and priority certification as a result of interviews. You can’t get a job just by being certified alone, but in conjunction with these other factors, certified consultants will definitely give priority to being equal.

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