Six Categories of Orthopedic Instruments You Must Buy

Orthopaedic Surgical Instruments are made to perform a variety of operations on joints, ligaments, muscles, and bones. Non-surgical operations, such as treating infections, are also possible using this equipment. Peak Surgical offers a wide range of orthopedic instruments, and surgeons can pick suitable instruments according to their choice. The standard surgical instruments used in the surgery are;

•    Bone Cutting Forceps

•    Bone Chisel

•    Femoral Ligament Cutter

•    Bone Files

•    Bone Rasps, and

•    Bone Impactor

Cutting Forceps for Bone

Bone cutting forceps are the most used surgical instruments to manipulate and cut bones. Moreover, it is useful to cut bony tissues and to handle bone fragments during surgical treatments in the knee, spinal, pelvis, and other orthopaedic cases. They are double-action surgical instruments and manufactured with robust and durable material. There are variations in this type of forceps such as Liston Bone Cutting Forceps Straight, Angled, Ruskin Liston curved 6″. However, all the instruments are reliable and durable for orthopaedic surgeries.

Bone Files

Bone files aid in shaping, smoothening, and removing small spicules of bone in narrow exposed areas. Those jagged edges make it easy to manipulate. The soft tissue and the bone that need to be rubbed. In addition, they smoothen the bone and narrow the canals to keep the area disinfected. As per requirements, surgeons use bone files of different diameters with one or two active ends. The shape of bone files’ makes them suitable for use in dental surgery and general surgery.

Bone Chisels

Bone chisels are flat-blade sharp instruments with a bevelled cutting edge and a handle. Surgical instruments is used during the cutting of bone in surgeries. Moreover, they used to open fracture treatment. Bone chisels are crafted to provide the highest level of craftsmanship. Chisels are available in different sizes and lengths. Interchange Cottle Septum Chisel Curved, Still Type Chisel, Harmon Chisel 10″ Stepped 6 mm, Laxer Chisel, and Army Chisel are the most common chisels.

Bone Impactor

Bone impactors aid in the insertion of bone grafts and implant devices. They have a unique locking mechanism. It enables the surgeon to place the cup at the right point during the impaction. It can be adjust the cup rotation once the lock is Fix.

Bone Rasps

Bone rasps are specifically designed to sculpt bones in a surgical procedure. The primary purpose of the surgical instrument is to shape or trim bone surfaces. They are Normally used in orthopedic and dental as well as surgical operations. Bone rasps have one or two serrated working ends with different diameters for the desired outcome. Bone rasps come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each tailored to specific surgical requirements. For example, Fomon rasp, Putti bone rasp, Cottle rasp, and Nail rasp. They are unbendable, lightweight, and corrosion-free instruments.

Femoral Ligament Cutter

Many medical Instruments designed to loosen the femur include a femoral band cutter. Its shape helps users to perform different tasks. It has a blade-like structure that is round. It can use multiple times due to its versatile nature. In addition, it means it is durable and reliable.

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