Special Study “Tourism” Employment Trends In Greece

The trend of tourism in Greece is very popular and in high demand. Therefore, both public and private universities have tourism agencies.

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State programs are offered in Greek as a four-year course with instructions and are generally tuition-free.

Tourism Management Course

After completing the tourism management course, graduates can work in any tourist destination from simple to senior manager positions: in hotels, resorts, spas, travel agency centers, etc., ie they acquire skills through ticketing and promotion. Guided tour for staff management in hotels or restaurants.

For example, if you want a high position in your career, you want to run a big hotel. You must have a master’s degree. You can read it for free. But all the courses are mainly in Greek. Choose a private university if you want to learn English. Studying there costs 8,000 euros a year.

To decide, you need to choose a specific area of ​​expertise. Whether it is a commercial hotel or a commercial restaurant, you will be taught how to develop tourism and explain a travel program. But most of the master’s graduates are immediately given a top position in the field of tourism.

Tourism Departments 

The tourism departments are concentrated in these cities: Heraklion, Thessaloniki, Corfu, Chaos Island in Crete, Athens, Petraeus and Prius, and Applied Tourism Schools in Crete and Rhodes in close collaboration with hotels.

All departments of tourism management are also present at the Applied University. This means that there will be a lot of practice during the study. However, you need to understand that tourism management is often taught in the management department, meaning that students only study general management who specializes in tourism.

Education is provided

Education is provided so that students do not sit at their desks all year round. But he also visited several tourist attractions. Study the whole process, and the students go through practical exercises in the summer.

There are also private universities in Greece where you can study tourism management. The cost of studying there is 7000 euros per year and you can study in both Greek and English.

Private universities vary, some offer British diplomas, some American, and others – Swiss, and have different training programs. But these universities are often located directly in the resorts. During the training period, students will immediately acquire highly applicable knowledge.

You will pass the exam without admission. But the average degree of the certificate is taken into account. The passing score, however, is not very high. But not less. So there is still competition.

As an alternative to studying in specialized “tourism”, we may offer to study in specialized “organization management” courses as more and more universities are available. Including the most famous universities.

The fact is that when you study organizational management. Then, in the third year, you can choose to specialize in tourism.

Especially in Greece

People always ask why not. Especially in Greece “hotel management”? Yes, there is no such privacy in public universities. But it can be found in private universities. Within the state, the university management department consists of only four major institutions: management, management, and marketing. Tourism management and logistics management are related to the hotel and restaurant business. Within the country, travel agencies, tourism and universities are included in one feature – tourism management. Where you can choose a major in a higher-level course.

Below are all the colleges related to tourism in the country. Please note that passing grades are average and above, meaning some colleges may admit students with a relatively low-grade point average.

International Hellenic University, Thessaloniki

Faculty of Economics and Management

Project Management Marketing and Tourism Department

Greek Mediterranean University, Crete

Faculty of Administration and Economics

Department of Business and Tourism Administration

Ionian University, Corfu

Department of Economics

Department of Tourism

Aegean University

College of Business Administration

Department of Economics and Tourism Management Chios

The University of Western Attica.

College of Management, Economics and Social Sciences

Department of Tourism Management Egalio

Patras University

Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Department of Tourism Management

University of Piraeus

Department of Tourism

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