The Quick and Easy Way to Send a Fillable PDF by Email

Do you need to send a fillable PDF by email but don’t know how? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Here, we will walk you through the quick and easy process of sending a fillable PDF by email. We will also provide some tips on how to make sure your file looks its best when it arrives in your recipient’s inbox. Let’s get started!

  • First, open the PDF editor and make sure your fillable PDF is properly formatted and ready to be filled out by the recipient. Check if all form fields have been filled in correctly and ensure there are no typos or errors in the document.
  • Open your email provider and create a new message. Add the recipient’s email address and a subject line.
  • Attach the fillable PDF to the email by clicking on the “attach” button (commonly depicted as a paperclip icon) and selecting the file from your computer’s files.
  • 5. Before sending, double-check that the fillable PDF has been attached properly and that any necessary instructions for filling out the form have been included in the email body.
  • 6. Hit send, your fillable PDF is on its way!

How To Send Using Email Submit Button?

One quick tip for making your fillable PDF stand out in the recipient’s inbox is to add a “submit by email” button to your form. This allows the recipient to easily send the completed form back to you without having to attach it themselves. To do this, go into the PDF editor and add a button to your form. Then, set the action of the button as “Submit Form,” with the “Send Form Data” option selected and your email address entered as the recipient. When the recipient is finished filling out the form, they can hit the submit by email button and send it directly back to you.

Tips for sending Fillable PDFs by Email:

  • Consider using a file compression tool to reduce the size of the PDF before attaching it to your email. It will make it easier for your recipient to download and access the file.
  • If possible, provide an alternative method for submitting the filled-out PDF (such as a shared Google Drive or Dropbox folder). It can be helpful if there are technical difficulties with opening and filling out the form via email.
  • Ensure your subject line indicates that you are sending a fillable PDF form so that the recipient knows what to expect and can easily locate the document in their inbox.
  • One last tip: save a copy of the filled-out PDF for your records once the recipient returns it to you.

Fillable PDF Forms

Once filled out in the PDF editor, fillable PDF forms can be used for various purposes. You can use your form to inform reports and presentations by embedding it on your website, sending a link to the form to your team or organization, and embedding it on your website. A fillable PDF form is a blank canvas on which you can draw whatever you want, aided by smart technology that guides you along the way.

Following these steps and tips will ensure that you efficiently and effectively send your fillable PDF by email. Happy sending!

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