Things You Need To Learn about a Beard Transplant

Almost a century ago beards were in fashion. Men used to shave daily. But, now the trend has changed. Now beards are considered a sign of masculinity. It is considered that the men with fuller and thicker beards look more handsome and hot than the ones who don’t keep them.

Some men grow fuller and thicker beards naturally. While some couldn’t properly grow beards and sideburns. They either experience patchy or no beard. To deal with this issue, beard transplant treatment is your best shot. This is a safe procedure that helps you achieve the look you desire to have.

Do you want to know about beard transplant treatment? If yes, then this article will help guide you through every information you may need about it before going for the treatment.

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How does the beard transplant procedure work?

Men usually start growing their beards when they reach the age of puberty. The beard at that time may not be fuller but over time as he grows the beard gets thicker. This transplant shows the result fast.

The procedure used for a beard transplant includes FUT and FUE procedures. Both of the transplants work in 3 simple steps. Let’s discuss each of these by one.

Follicular unit transplantation (FUT):


The follicular unit transplantation procedure is helpful when dealing with a beard transplant that needs many hair strands. In this procedure, strips of skin from the back of your scalp are cut down in the first step. Hair strands from this strip are then harvested.


In FUT (follicular unit transplantation), many hair grafts can be harvested at a time. These harvested hair strands are then placed in the donor site (which is the beard area). The harvested hair should be taken from the


In a few weeks, the transplanted hair will fall out, and new hair in this area will start growing. If the transplant is done right it looks natural and gives you your desired results.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE):

The steps of both the transplants are the same but the technology and technique used in these procedures are different from one another.

Harvesting the hair follicles:

Follicular unit extraction takes hair from the recipient side which suffers from less or no hair fall. These hair strands are usually obtained from the back of the scalp. In follicular unit extraction you can also take hair strands from any part of the body; it could be the chest, arm, or leg. The healthy hair strands are taken out from the body.


These harvested hair strands are then implanted into the donor area. Unlike FUT, hair strands can be extracted in this procedure one by one.


The results of the FUE procedure will start showing up once the transplanted hair will fall out. You can see full results within 3 to 6 months.

Do these procedures hurt?

Both FUT and FUE are done under local anesthesia. The surgeon will likely apply other soothing creams, etc also. The recovery time of both methods differs from each other. FUT (follicular unit transplantation) takes more time to recover as it involves stitches etc.

Which one cost less?

FUT (follicular unit transplantationcost less than the FUE procedure.

Which factors determine beard transplant cost?

The following factors determine the cost of beard transplant treatment:

Opt procedure:

The beard transplant cost is firstly determined by which procedure our surgeon is suggesting to you. FUE treatment costs more than FUT.

Hair strands:

The next thing that determines the cost of your transplant is how many hair strands you need, which depends upon the area going to be covered. More area means more hair strands which means more money.

When covering more beard areas, your surgeon is likely to suggest you go with the FUT method.


The third factor is the doctor you are choosing to get your treatment done. A professional and experienced doctor will cost you more. If you ask our opinion, we would say that we should choose a professional one in the first place. They do their study and help you provide satisfaction from the results. So, you don’t have to worry about the redo.


Small cities charge less for these treatments than big ones.


Beard transplant treatment has helped and continues to help men that can’t grow a beard. Or if their beard is patchy and too thin. This procedure helps a lot of FTM (female to male transgender). The procedure helps you grow a naturally thick and fuller beard. The procedure used FUT and FUE procedures. In FUE hair strands are taken out one by one and in FUT a strip of skin is cut and more hair strands can be extracted at the same time.

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