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Things You Should Avoid After Pap Smear Test

Cervical cancer screening using Pap smears can save lives. The test can find abnormal cervical cells before they develop into cancer. To screen for HPV, one of the main causes of cervical cancer, healthcare professionals frequently do HPV testing during Pap exams. An ambiguous or abnormal Pap smear result might indicate malignancy, an infection, or another issue. Want to know what not to do after pap smear? Let’s first help you understand what it is all about:

What do you mean by a pap smear test?

Your doctor extracts cells from your cervix during a Pap smear so they may be examined under a microscope for indications of malignancy. The test looks for abnormal cervix cells that are malignant or might develop into cancer. Certain infections and inflammation may be found via a Pap smear. 

What do you mean by a cervix?

To fertilize eggs, sperm travels from your vagina to your cervix and then to your uterus. The cervix shuts during pregnancy to keep the child within your womb (uterus). During birthing, the cervix opens. Your cervix produces mucus when you aren’t pregnant to keep microorganisms that might cause infections out of your body.

Pap Smear Test

As part of a pelvic checkup, medical professionals do Pap smears. The exam verifies:

  • Ovarian cancer.
  • Cervical cells that might be malignant (cervical intraepithelial neoplasia).

What distinguishes a pelvic exam from a Pap test?

Your healthcare professional will examine and palpate (feel) your uterus, ovaries, and other female reproductive system components during a pelvic exam. This examination aids your doctor in finding infections, issues, and cancer if present. 

What things need to be done to get ready for a pap smear?

Some actions you do in the days leading up to a Pap smear might impact the findings. The most accurate outcomes will be achieved if you:

  • Two days before your exam, refrain from having vaginal intercourse.
  • At least five days following the end of your menstruation, make the appointment.

How is a Pap test performed?

Your doctor will do the following during the procedure:

  • Speculum is inserted
  • There can be some strain on you. 
  • This metal or plastic gadget keeps your vagina open to allow your doctor to see your cervix.
  • Carefully removes cells from your cervix with a little brush or spatula (a biopsy).
  • Although it isn’t unpleasant, you’ll likely experience some discomfort.

Irritated cervical area

After a Pap smear, light bleeding, often known as spotting, is typical. A medical expert performs a Pap smear to check for cervical cancer by taking a tiny sample of cervical cells.

Light bleeding or spotting that lasts one to two days may occur due to removing cells from the cervix. The bleeding often stops and does not resume for most people. Doctors say to avoid having coitus because the vagina is irritated and might face a lot of irritation or redness because of the pressure. 


The cervix becomes more prone to bleeding as the pregnancy progresses because the uterus’ weight exerts pressure on it. Pap smears have the potential to irritate vulnerable blood vessels and cause bleeding.

A Pap test will not result in pregnancy loss, and minor bleeding following a Pap test does not indicate that a woman will miscarry. However, if the bleeding worsens or results in cramping, a person should consult a doctor.


You do not have to panic if you see that there is blood before your date of measurement. This is because of the test you have gone through and will go on its own. This kind of bleeding could be coincidental and not indicative of a critical issue. The following are examples of usual indicators that bleeding following a test is caused by menstrual timing:

  • Bleeding around the time that the period would typically show, 
  • spotting a few days before the period is expected, 
  • And blood flow that follows the person’s typical bleeding pattern.

Whenever to visit a doctor

If a person hasn’t heard from their test results after two weeks, they should phone their doctor. If someone has undergone a Pap test and has the following symptoms:

  • intense cramping or discomfort tenderness. 
  • Menstruation-associated bleeding that does not stop after a week.

Wearing a pair of period trousers may be helpful if you also suffer mild spotting. After a smear test, you are permitted to have intercourse and, if you like, to masturbate. Some of the greatest sex toys are purely external, so choosing a body wand vibrator over a device that enables penetration may feel more comfortable.

What to avoid after a pap smear test or what not to do after a pap smear?

There are many things that you will have to avoid. The first thing is coitus. Just refrain from yourself for some days as it can lead to increasing the bleeding. Further, it would help if you stayed away from spicy food. This will help you from getting UTI which can worsen the condition or the areas which have been swapped and cause unlimited itching and burning sensation. Depending on the Pap smear test, they may place the samples on a glass slide or in a container with a particular liquid. The samples are then brought to a lab for additional microscopic inspections to see whether there are any indications of cancer or a precancerous condition.

Ask your gynecologists when to anticipate your Pap smearing meaning and results, as waiting for them might take some time. Then, make another appointment.

A cervical cancer screening can be unpleasant for those anxious about discomfort or scared that they could have cancer. Although it is common to be concerned about symptoms that arise after the Pap smear, mild bleeding is often a normal biological response to the test.


A medical practitioner can answer any worries and inquiries concerning bleeding after a Pap smear. If bleeding appears especially heavy or other symptoms appear, a person should visit a doctor. These things fall under what not to do after a pap smear. If you still want to know more, you must consult your doctor. This will help you understand the procedure and feel calm with your queries resolved. 

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