Tips for Buying a New Car at Christmas Time

The last month of the year is the ideal time for you to buy your new car in UAE. On Christmas dates you have available for you special discounts, offers and bonuses, which you should take advantage of.

But even if the offers and prices seem attractive to you, you should buy your car responsibly, because a light purchase can represent for you indebtedness or an investment in a product that you do not need urgently.

What types of cars can you buy at Christmas?
According to a study by a prestigious UAE newspaper, the best-selling cars in UAE are compact sedans and, in recent years, there has been an increase in sales of sport utility vehicles ( SUVs ).

At Farago Motors we have a variety of new and used cars available, but you must choose a car that meets your family, work or business needs.

If you want a car to travel you can choose a sedan or an SUV , the Pick Ups and minivans are ideal for companies or self-employed merchants that distribute merchandise.

Will you take advantage of the Christmas season promotions?
At Christmas it is common for you to receive bonuses on purchases, discounts, offers and interest-free financing for one year. It all depends on the dealer where you buy your vehicle.
Take advantage of our offers so that at Christmas you meet your goal of having a new car.

Is it more beneficial to obtain financing to buy a new car or is it better to buy a car with cash?
Our advice is that if you have the money to buy your new car, pay it in cash, because you can receive an excellent discount and you will not pay interest.

In case you do not have the capital to buy your bus, you have the option of requesting a loan at our dealership or at a financial institution. Keep in mind that in the long term the financing of your vehicle may be a little more expensive, but at Christmas time there are many banks and cooperatives in UAE that are willing to offer you the loan you need.

Is it better to buy a new or used car?
It all depends on your budget and the car you prefer. If you have economic capacity, a new car is the ideal one for you. Used cars also have excellent quality and optimal performance, and are very popular in the UAE automotive market.

What are the most popular car brands in UAE?
One of the best-selling cars in UAE is the Hyundai Tucson . The Hyundai brand has positioned itself in the market for its high quality and optimal performance cars.

Also, the Mitsubishi brand stands out, being the Mitsubishi Mirage one of the most popular on the Island thanks to its comfort and safety.

The Kia Soul is another user-favorite car that offers excellent fuel economy and includes safety systems and patented technologies to help you drive safely.

You can find these mentioned cars at the best price. They are an excellent option to buy them at Christmas.

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